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Full DSEi Timeline - 14th September

IMC UK | 14.09.2005 12:10 | Anti-militarism

Timeline of Events:

[18:41] Protests and actions have now finished as most delegates and arms dealers have left the Excel centre. During the day's actions many delegate's journeys in and out the arms fair have been disrupted, whilst major disruption has been caused to transport into the area. After the day's protests at least 27 people have been reported arrested (we have 15 confirmed and named). Further affinity group actions are apparently planned for tomorrow,as well as a protest and critical mass during the arms dealer's gala dinner.

[17.37] About 30 people are still in the protest designated area near the west exit shouting at cars leaving the Excel centre full of delegates. Police has stopped a van with three people and have called traffic cops to check it over, they are threatening to impound the vehicle.

[16:58] A group of about 30-40 people are outside Excel's west entrance in Tidall Basin. People are shouting 'scum' and 'shame' at delegates leaving the fair. There is a placard reading 'Stick your bloody arms up your bum'. Some people have difficulty leaving the pen when they wish to go home.

[16:42] A group of 3 people have been stopped next on the south side of Custom House Station for 'anti-social behaviour'. Apperently they approached a car full of delegates and shouted at them whilst the car was driving away.

[16:06] A police FIT team has provokes the crowd gathered opposite Excel's south side entrance, and one person has been arrested for obstructing a photographer from taking pictures. About ten minutes later they arrest another person for criminal damage - for writing a slogan with chalk.

[15.55] Around 100 people are still next to the water edge opposite the Excel building. Delegates can be seen on the other side being shown around on the vessels while people are chanting slogans and yelling at delegates. A mobile sound system is used to do speeches.

[15:27] The last of the protesters locked-on in Silvertown Way has now been removed by police, thus the blockade has ended. The 7 to 8 protesters that engaged in the action have been taken away in police vans. Also reports have come in that police has prevented mainstream media from filming them unlocking the protesters.

[15.00] A protester jumped into the water and swam towards Excel to the cheers or the crowd. He swims a short distance and is intercepted by police inflatables. Turning back he is helped out by other protesters and given chocolate by the street medics and wrapped in a space blanket.

[14:54] A group of about 100 protesters, mostly critical mass and the samba band has managed to get to the water front opposite the Excel building, and are yelling at the delegates watching from the balconies. In the dock between protesters and the delegates battleships and other naval vessels are being demonstrated.

[14:35] At Tidal Basin Road roundabout police trying to pen in the 100 or so protesters that are blocking the road. People quickly leave as the pen closes in and moved back towards the flyover. The roundabout is now empty of protesters that are dispersed all around the surroundind area. Apparently the only people that police managed to pen in is a BBC cameraman.

[14.30] The sambista that was injured earlier by the police has now been taken by Ambulance to Newham hospital with head injuries. The samba has now left Silvertown bridge.

[14:27] A mobile sound system has now arrived to Tidal Basin Rd roundabout. It is being used to make announcements to local people about the protests and what is going on inside Excel centre.

[14.22] A group of people sit in the middle of Tidal Basin Road roundabout, police starting to remove them. One delegate's car seems to have been able to go through the blockade. More people are sitting down, joining in. Also a banner has just been hung at the roundabout. It reads: 'Unwelcome Corporate Bloodsuckers"

[14:18] Another group of people are now blocking Tidal Basin Rd roundabout. An unconfirmed report of DSEi delegate's cars are being held nearby as a consequence of the blockade.

[14:15] Police are taking groups of people to the 'protests designated area' in Mace Gateway. About 80 people are already there, and a critical mass of about 50 people are also in the area. Clowns are also being taken there by police

[14.02] Street party is now moving off south over the flyover towards the dock - a small group has stayed behind with the injured samba person.

[13.57] One samba band person reported to have suffered head injury after being pushed by police on Silvertown flyover. Police are still trying to cut the remaining activists out of the blockade on north side of the flyover.

[13:48] Protests ongoing on the West side of the Excel centre. Clown Army reported to be "clowning about" in the area.

[13:47] Around four people have been cut out of the Silvertown Way lock on. Three or four people remain locked on to the barrels and a tream of police specialist are using power tools and chisels to remove the concret.

[13:38] A street party of perhaps 150 people has formed on Silvertown flyover and is occupying one side of the road. 20-30 people are dancing an Irish jig while a 'pornstar for peace' is dancing with an inflatable doll.

[13:31] Critical Mass is now on Silvertown Bridge. 50 cyclists and a samba band plus many people on foot are heading south towards the West gate.

[13:12] Small group of clowns is penned in by police on the south side of the flyover at Silvertown Way. They are negotiating with police whilst tying themsleves up with string.

[12:55] At least seven people have been arrested at Canning Town after an action on the DLR. All the police climbing crew have left at speed.

[12:54] Twenty protestors including a one year old child and a dog are on the approach to the Mace gateway to the ExCeL centre where there are very few police or protesters, but lots of delegates arriving for the arms fair.

[12:46] The Critical Mass is now having tea outside the Royal Docks Community School.

[12:40] 17 clowns from the Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) are penned in on Silvertown Way (south of the docks) on the north side of the road - several police vans. An NUJ accredited journalist was stopped by police, detained for over and hour then released. His NUJ card was confiscated by police on the grounds that it could be a forgery.

[12:37] Various arrests at Canning Town Station.

[12:32] One person still blockading the Silverlink British Rail train by sitting on top of it.

[12.30] Because of the Canning Town incident arms fair delegates are being picked up by blue double decker buses (specially contracted for arms dealers).

[12:25] Protestor from DLR train has now climbed down. Other protester still on British Rail train at Canning Town Station.

[12:23] Three emptry delegate buses are going past Canning Town Station. DSEi delegates are leaving Canning Town Station and trying to get to the Excel centre.

[12:22] People up on tpo of two different trains (1 possibly silverlink). Climbing team on DLR trying to get protestor down.

[12:21] Police now cutting into the barrels used in the Silvertown Way blockade with hammers, chisels and big drill - no protestors out of blockade yet.

[12:19] Critical Mass blockade is over. It has been moved around the corner to Cundy Road

[12.12] Person on the train at Canning Town.

[12.03] Blockade on silvertown way - people being detained in pen - police won't say legislation being used. Police now attempting to use endoscopes in tubes to get blockaders cut out.

[11:54] Around seven people locked onto barrels on silvertown way - surrounded by barriers - blocking half the road. At least 10 riot vans on the scene.

[11.55] A largish group of protesters (possibly clowns) is seen seen crossing the SilverTown Way flyover towards the Excel centre and followed by police vans.

[11:51] Red car with deflated tyres blockaded the other lane on Silvertown Way next to the concrete blockade for half an hour.

[11:50] The Critical Mass is still blockading a road near Canning Town DLR and Rail Station.

[11.37] Police now diverting traffic at Silvertown Way

[11:31] During the last 20 mins protestors have been arriving at Custom House on the Docklands Railway (DLR). A number of them have been forcefully removed from the station by police. Some people have been passively resisting. Four people arrested / detained.

[11:30] 10 pirates on a picket at Bow Court for corporate pirates trial.

[11.30] Critical mass blocking a road near Canning Town DLR and Rail Station.

[11.21] 3 people arrested at Custom House DLR - others from train have been moved into 'designated protest zone' near Caxton Street North.

[11.20] Another blockade on lower lea crossing with 1 van dissabled in road but quickly towed away by police after about 10 minutes. One arrest reported.

[11:20] There are a series of people locked onto concrete blocks on silvertown way, where it meets Caxton Street North. They are stopping traffic up to Canning Town roundabout. There is a moderate police presence. A specialist cutting team have visited the scene, had a look and left!

[11.15] Silverlink trains are not stopping at Custom House

[11.06] Reports of blockades at 2 roundabouts near East India DLR

[11:04] Protestors at Tower Gateway now coralled onto 1 carriage on DLR and train is moving towards Custom House. Police on carriage outnumber activists

[10.35] People gathering at Tower gateway DLR station for mass action. Police are conducting searches and preventing people without Excel passes from boarding trains.

[10.15] Critical Mass ride is near the convergence space - tandem with soud system is being towed as it broke down - still a good atmosphere.

[09.50] The Critical Mass has moved via Aldgate to Commercial Road - just passed Watney Market - sound systems playing, good atmosphere.

[09.35] The Critical Mass has left Bank - estimated 300 cyclists. Before leaving police conducted stop and search - focussing particularly on people in suits.

[09.30] Early reports indicate that everyone leaving the convergence centre this morning is being stopped and searched [Pic] under PACE (suspicion of going equipped to cause Criminal Damage.) One person leaving convergence space was threatened with arrest for having 2 mobile phones.



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