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The DSEi Thousands

Sheffjeff | 17.09.2005 00:10 | DSEi 2005 | Anti-militarism | Sheffield

If you want massive feel good Demos don’t come to DSEi it is only for hardened dedicated activists who want to shut this disgusting business down.

Low level policing!
Low level policing!

Okay is it worth it?
I went to Dsei this year and in 2003 and I can say yes I was at first disappointed at the number of UK citizens willing to demonstrate (Fluffy or in direct action). However given the disgraceful way I have been treated by the front line police and covert policing operations it is no wonder people feel harassed and intimidated. There has been and I believe will be in future years a concerted effort to discourage peaceful protest and direct action. And if they subject Newham to another exhibition in 2007 I will be back. My experiences have only made me more determined.
The Police descend upon us like a dark cloud and it can be a repressive and depressive experience. But they are only being controlled by higher powers In my opinion we need to look beyond them and keep focussed on the dealers in death. Having said that the police involvement is not all bad news, who pays the £4 million is an ongoing debate that CAAT and other groups can exploit.
This is not an argument or value I would subscribe to but it is their only way of thinking /200 or so people divided by 4 million = £20,000 each hopefully to be paid by DSEi in 2007 in a similar way to football crowd control!
The movement in opposition has as ever been creative and diverse, values they do not understand or can control.

Organically we have developed positive responses to the glum oppressive lines of police
Firstly the Samba bands
Then we sent in the Clowns
Then got the kids involved with Baby Block
Then OAP block
The good old critical mass
Direct action groups on DLR/ Road blocks / Water action in the Dock
Buddhist block
Cleaning ladies
Hotel hassling
Dracula blood suckers


We only see the total effect if we report every action on the indymedia so get writing

Sometimes I feel isolated doing my little bit and then I notice something simple like there has been no DLR trains for ages, I know my fellow activists are busy and my heart is lifted. Or suddenly there is 20 or 30 delegates who cant get out by train leaving by one of the entrances and I have a chance to challenge them.
RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT I am so so proud of you. We who are committed have a feeling of deep affinity.

If you want massive feel good Demos don’t come to DSEi it is only for hardened dedicated activists who want to shut this disgusting business down. Only for those willing to stick their heads above the parapet and be counted, be hassled, pushed, searched regularly, verbally and physically assaulted.
They have been given £6 million to stage the event we have nothing
They have the police to protect them at a cost of £4 million we have volunteer legal observers.
They have a direct line to control the police we get kicked and hassled.
They get paid (handsomely) as they wine and dine in their corporate boxes while we have to put in leave days and eat packed lunches.
It is massively unequal however I know there is only one side I can be on, I want to be at peace with myself, I want to sleep at night, I want to watch the news on the TV and know I have not been part of the blood shed.

Melt away dejected ! I think Not
See you all 2007 with a friend or 2 who I have convinced to come with me



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