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Brighton police 'pleased' with EDO march

Gandhi | 12.12.2005 12:23 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London | South Coast

Superintendent Kevin Moore and Churchill Square management are unable to justify their hysterical comments in the run up to Saturday's peaceful march through Brighton centre.

Despite police bully boy tactics on the march itself and attempting to follow people afterwards they restrained themselves this time from making arrests. Police attempts beforehand to threaten protesters with arrest were unsuccessful as around 300 attended the demo to be filmed and shoved back into the cordon..
Such a show of strength meant the police had to hold themselves in check with senior officers ordering plods not to arrest people.
Saturday's march was a success for the local campaign and the wider freedom to protest, showing that turning up in solidarity is the only way to deal with police forces desperate to control all aspects of public demos.
We can rally and march successfully without cooperating with the police and without alienating those not taking part.
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