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Jack Straw lies on Radio Four (again)

duck n' dive | 12.12.2005 08:53 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | World

More lies on "extraordinary rendition"

Jack Straw has claimed on Radio Four that his government could find NO EVIDENCE of CIA torture flights landing in the UK. He also claimed to believe Rice's claims that the US was not facilitating torture.

It did sound rather like the Mayor of Auschwitz claiming that he had no idea what was on all those trains passing through his town...

Straw says that the Foreign Office and Home Office "thoroughly checked our files" and couldn't find anything to corroborate the charges of UK complicity in torture. Well there's a surprise...

Hypothesis: The British government knows exactly what's been going on, and if it's true that the files aren't held within the Foreign Office or HO, that just means they must be held at MI6 or within the Ministry of Defence. Jack Straw must be well aware of this.

Counter-hypothesis: The British government knows far less about our US "ally"'s activities in this country than the planespotters and the anti-war movement do...

Either of these seems pretty worrying!

duck n' dive