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Dublin - Solidarity with Ploughshares Backin the Four Courts, Friday Dec. 19th

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Friday Dec 19th.

*9 am Sharp - Gather at Nativity Scene/ Christmas Tree, next to Spire,

O'Connel St.

*9.15 am - process single file to Four Courts

*10 am Solidarity Vigil outside the Four Courts

This appearance was postponed from Monday


The Pit Stop Ploughshares, charged with $U.S. 2.5 million "criminal damage"

to a US Navy War Plane, and 200 euro "criminal" damage to a hangar window,

are due to appear before Judge Matthews at the Four Courts, Dublin on Friday

19 December. The charges carry a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment

and arise out of their nonviolent disarmament of a U.S. navy war plane at

Shannon Airport on February 4 2003.

Over 115,000 U.S. troops have passed through Shannon this year on their way

to the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Ireland has become the US doormat,

as Shannon becomes the European gateway to Iraq for US forces. Deirdre

Clancy, Nuin Dunlop, Karen Fallon, Damien Moran and Ciaron O'Reilly will be

represented by legal counsel on Monday in pre-trial argument. A trial date

has yet to be set.

Ciaron O'Reilly, one of the defendants, said 'The old saying that "Truth is

the first Casualty of war" is reaffirmed by the recent statement by the

Taoiseach that he was against the war, yet he still offered Shannon Airport

to the U.S. war machine. The prophesy of Isaiah to 'beat swords into

ploughshares' speaks clearly about peacemaking. We are brought before the

courts for enfleshing this nonviolent vision.

This is a season celebrating the birth of the Prince of Peace, but remains a

time where the modern Ceasers and Herods stalk the world slaying the

innocent. Mr Ahern should reflect seriously on what role he is playing when

it comes to leaving the children of Iraq with a legacy of terror, deplted

uranium poisoning and a land littered with cluster bombs and destroyed

civilian infrastructure. Shannon Airport must be demilitarised immediately

for Ireland to send a message of peace and good will to all peoples."

Friday 9 am Sharp

Supporters are asked to accompany the Pit Stop Ploughsares to court. Please

wear black in memory of the war dead. Please gather at the Christmas Tree

and nativity scene in O'Connel Street Dublin (near The Spire). Please bring

cardboard cartons in Christmas wrapping bearing "The gifts Shannon and the

US military have delivered to the children of Iraq: depleted uranium

radiation, cluster bombs, cruise missile, civilian dead, bombed hospitals,

cholera, typhoid, etc. These will be left at the tree. *Monday 10 am Vigil

outside the Four Courts, Dublin.

International supporters asked to vigil at Irish embassies and consuls

against the use of Shannon by the U.S. military, or phone consulates and

embassies with messages of resistance. Further information at: Mobile/cell +353 (0)87 918 4552


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