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US Navy and Univ of Wisconsin Continue Brutal Treatment of Animals

PETA, WSJ, and Others | 15.07.2010 18:04 | Animal Liberation | Anti-militarism | Ecology | South Coast | World

The US Navy has subjected primates to chair confinement for months at a time. Their violation of a treaty with India caused Indira Gandhi to ban primate export to the US. Their sonar and propellers kill whales and dolphins. Their jet bombers launched from aircraft carriers have bombburned to death countless animals.
They have used dolphins as weapons carriers. Now with the University of Wisconsin
which has also tasered pigs for the Justice Dept. and tortured primates, they have
killed 3 of the sheep they are experimenting upon with painful bends.

2 animal rights groups responded with creative use of law

From a Wall St Journal blog:
It started when prosecutors in Madison, Wis., declined to pursue University of Wisconsin officials and researchers whose test subjects, three sheep, inadvertently died of the bends during U.S. Navy-financed experiments aimed at helping submariners.

Two animal-rights groups, Alliance for Animals and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, seized on a little-invoked state law to aid their case. The law allows citizens to petition a judge to order prosecutions when there’s probable cause to believe a law has been violated and when a district attorney has refused to issue a complaint.

At a hearing Thursday, an attorney for the animal groups asked a Wisconsin judge to order a special prosecutor to file civil charges against the university employees for killing animals using decompression. The judge said she would issue a ruling later this month.

In other states, lawyers have used foreclosure laws to secure liens on horses, dogs and other pets of people charged with abuse to seize the animals

PETA, WSJ, and Others
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