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Scotland’s Peace Walk for a Nuclear-Free Future - 30 July to 29 August

Peace walker | 17.07.2010 14:06 | Anti-militarism | Ecology | Energy Crisis

Gretna to Edinburgh, 30th July - 29th August, 2010

Footprints for Peace invites you to take part in a journey of solidarity for a nuclear-free future.

Footprints for Peace in Brussels, July 2009 (D. Viesnik)
Footprints for Peace in Brussels, July 2009 (D. Viesnik)

The walk sets off from Gretna, on the Scottish border, on Friday 30th July, and ends in Edinburgh on Sunday 29th August.

We aim to raise awareness of the nuclear convoy that regularly carries nuclear warheads by road to Faslane naval base, on the west coast of Scotland, where Trident nuclear submarines are based, from Burghfield in the south of England. We shall also aim to share information about alternative energy and sustainable lifestyles, while exposing the deadly effects of the civil and military nuclear industries.

This is an open walk, accessible for all and focused on creating a family-friendly atmosphere. We will walk, on average, 15 miles per day. You can join us for as long as you want – a single step or the whole way. Bring music, banners & good humour!

For more info and registration, see:
E-mail: scotlandspeacewalk[at]
Mob: 07806 229 207


- This is an alcohol- and drug- free walk
- Walkers are asked to contribute £5 a day, or whatever they can afford, towards food and other walk expenses
- If you would like to join the walk, for however long, please register ASAP via the Footprints for Peace website

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- e-mail: scotlandspeacewalk[at]
- Homepage: