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Census Refuser in Court in Birmingham: 5 January

NoCONcensus | 17.11.2011 08:04 | 2011 Census Resistance | Anti-Nuclear | Anti-militarism | Repression | Birmingham

Roger Grenville, 66, a former Local Government Officer and local Councillor from Leamington, Warwickshire, is being prosecuted for refusing to complete the 2011 Census on grounds of conscience because of Lockheed Martin's involvement. Solidarity and support needed at the court hearing in Birmingham on 5 January.


The court hearing is 10am, Thursday 5 January at Birmingham Magistrates Court, Victoria Law Courts, Corporation Street, Birmingham B4 6QA.

Solidarity demo from 9.30am

Like the other cases we've heard about, Roger's court hearing will not be at his local magistrates court, but miles away in Birmingham.


Roger Grenville:

"I did state to the officer who initially visited me to chase up the form that I was not completing it because of the involvement of Lockheed Martin. When I was later interviewed under caution at home by two Enforcement Officers, I again repeated that I was refusing to complete this year's Census on grounds of conscience because of the involvement of Lockheed Martin.

"I have thought about the support and would appreciate it if there were some supporters there. There may well be more people who have received Summonses for the same day but so far I am not aware of any. In the 70s, 80s,and 90s I joined in solidarity and support actions for other people and often thought 'There but for the grace...'

"I have no intention of paying any fine or any costs. As a taxpayer I have already contributed to Lockheed Martin's profits and it is not my intention to give them another penny. Perfectly happy to be given a custodial sentence in lieu of fine."


If anyone's able to help build support and solidarity for Census refusers in the Midlands as they come before the courts, please get in touch with us.


See this feature for an overview of Census Refusal across the country.

- e-mail: NoCONcensus[at]


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  1. Much Love Roger — Sarah Ledsom