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Food Not Bombs this Saturday 11th February

Brum FnB | 09.02.2006 19:15 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham

The fortnightly Food Not Bombs event will be taking place in the city centre on New Street inbetween Starbucks and Tesco, or by the HSBC bank if it is raining. The event starts at 4.00pm.

Free food will be served to homeless people and anyone else who wants to come along, or even get involved.

The previous Food Not Bombs event on Saturday 28th January was a great success, several musicians turned up and an impromptu jam session took place. Quite a crowd gathered and members of the public joined in with the jam, reggae and souls was played.

All the food went quickly, and homeless information was exchanged between homeless people such as section six squatting advice.

Look forward to seeing you all down there for Saturday's event. Bring instruments and CDs!

Brum FnB


Photos from this afternoons Food not Bombs serving

11.02.2006 21:23

grassroots info distro
grassroots info distro

Photos from todays Food not Bombs in Birmingham.

Dahl, rice, roasted vegetables, biscuits, grapes and melon complete with grassroots info-stall.

Next Serving's in two weeks, same time, same place.

See y'all there!



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