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DSEi arms traders serenaded

richarddirecttv | 16.09.2005 18:51 | DSEi 2005 | Anti-militarism | Oxford

A barber's shop quartet of Oxford protestors came into close disharmony with arms traders in two hotels on Wednesday and Thursday.

On Wednesday 14th September merry merchants of death in the Novotel London Tower Bridge Hotel were serenaded by a group of uninvited guests. The hands of two of the tuneful quartet appeared to be drenched in blood, while the other two members called them "merchants of destruction", creating a real dramatic frisson amidst all the schmoozing and business card exchanging. To make matters worse, the following morning at the Custom House Hotel near the Excel Centre, war-mongering breakfasters found no peace at all as the chanteurs struck again. When asked how to wash blood off hands, some ran away and one suggested baby-wipes. Millions spent on PR and that's all they could come up with?
Meanwhile, £4.5 million worth of policing, and arms traders still have no bunker to protect them. Remember, guys, we know where you are, and the consequences of your evil trade will always come back to haunt you.

The song sounded like it should be part of "DSEi - the musical":

"Killing - killing - killing - Death!!

You are the merchants of destruction,
We are the merchants of death.
We've got weapons to sell to you,
And if you're not careful, we'll shoot you too.

You've got blood on your ha-ha-hands.
We've got blood on our hands.
You've got blood on your ha-ha-hands.
And we can't wash it off!

We've got the whole world at our mercy,
We've got the whole world at our mercy,
We've got the whole world at our mercy,
So come and join us at Di-i-cey!!"



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