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Remembering the dead in Gaza this Wednesday at EDO

Smashy | 11.12.2012 02:38 | Smash EDO | Afghanistan | Anti-militarism | Palestine | South Coast | World

'Operation Pillar of Smoke' began with an extrajudicial assassination of a Hamas official by the Israeli military, along with those accompanying him. The strikes went on to attack civilian apartment blocks and several buildings which housed the Palestinian and international media, prompting Sky News journalist Sam Kiley, who was caught up in the attack, to say that "he believes the incident demonstrates that no civilian in Gaza can feel safe".

The killings of the Al Dalu family exemplify the brutality of the attacks and the pain and suffering they have caused. On November 18th seven members of the Al Dalu family, including a seven year old boy, their two neighbours and at least nine other civilians were killed.

On Wednesday December 12th activists will be naming those who died in Gaza outside the gates of EDO MBM, the design authority for the VER-2 bomb rack, used on the Israeli F16. The company is also engaged in supplying bomb release components to Lockheed Martin in the US for the F35 fighter plane, which the Israeli military has agreed to buy from the US company.

Andrew Beckett, spokesperson for Smash EDO said "EDO MBM are involved in supplying the arms used by the Israeli military in attacks like the attack on the Dalu family. They are complicit in Israeli war crimes and in the suffering of the people of Gaza. On December 12th we are calling on people to come and remember those killed in the attacks outside the factory gates and to read out their names to remind the workers at EDO of the results of their labour."

The demonstration starts at 4pm. Bring candles, photos of those under fire in Gaza, keffiyahs and Palestinian flags.

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