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Bradley Manning takes the stand - More reports from court

WISE Up | 02.12.2012 11:54 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | World

Another set of reports and tweets from this week's hearing in which the defence is calling for all charges against Bradley Manning to be dropped on account of the mistreatment he suffered at Quantico Brig until his eventual transfer to Fort Leavenworth in April 2011. These links and quotes are mainly from 30 November, when Brad faced cross examination on his testimony. See also this previous post with links to earlier reports from the hearing.

Courtroom illustration by Clark Stoeckley
Courtroom illustration by Clark Stoeckley


30 Nov: Bradley Manning exhausted all avenues to end harsh treatment

Tweets @nathanLfuller:

”However, Manning filed several grievance forms, and whenever he handed them to guards by hand, they seemed to disappear.”

”Recess amid gov cross-examination of Manning, reminding that in Army-written reports he frequently reported good treatment from guards.”

”Oltman wasn't at the brig as often as Blenis, but Oltman said Brad would stay on POI indefinitely regardless of Dr reviews”


30 Nov: Bradley Manning's 'Unlawful pretrial punishment' hearing – day 4

30 Nov: Bradley Manning was ordered to sign 'voluntary statements' at Quantico

Tweets @kgosztola:

”Bradley Manning: 'Didn’t want anyone to get targeted for being associated in any way or form with me'.”

”Fein made it pretty clear to court that Bradley Manning was forced to sign "voluntary statements" by Quantico Brig officers”

”Manning has essentially testified he was coerced into putting information about whether he was suicidal onto a form by Quantico guards”

”Bradley Manning on the chaplain meeting detainees at Quantico: 'I’m not a religious person so I don’t need prayers'.”


Tweets @carwinb:

”#Manning said did not discussed case or treatment at visits b/c visits were recorded, and because he dealt with matters through counsel."

”When MAJ Fein asked which of 2 officers reporting on his conditions to his current Army command 'were the best' #Manning said, 'both'.”

”Especially noteworthy #Manning testimony is respectful, even deferential to Armed Services, his Quantico guards, his command, other soldiers”

”Bradley #Manning is funny and charming (and even disarming to even MAJ Fein USG prosecutor.) Earnest is the best word, and confident too.”

MICHAEL RATNER of Centre for Constitutional Rights

30 Nov: Democracy Now interview with Michael Ratner


29 Nov: WikiLeaks suspect – 'I remember thinking I'm going to die.

28 Nov: Psychiatrists testify to WikiLeaks suspect's mental state.

Tweets @ArunRath:

”Short break for #Manning from prosecution X-exam. He's been describing being ordered to fill out 'voluntary' statements”

”on stand #Manning a very capable witness yesterday: articulate, modest, likeable. Prosecution's approach to cross will be interesting”

”#Manning still testifying about treatment in Quantico, deprived of all clothing and his glasses after being put on suicide watch”

”#Manning was a little nervous and clipped at first, but quickly became relaxed, smiling frequently, even laughing. Looked healthy”

”#Manning donned the suicide smock to show how odd, bulky, uncomfortable. became stuck in it once, needed assistance”

BRETT BROWNELL (at Mother Jones)

30 Nov: Bradley Manning Takes the Stand

ADAM KLASFELD (of Courthouse News Service)

30 Nov: Bradley Manning Testifies for First Time in Court-martial

29 Nov: Doctor Objected to Manning's Confinement

28 Nov: Quantico was Wrong Place for Manning, Chief Says

Tweets @onearmedmaninc:

"Still praised staff - that's constant. But under grievances field, indicated that he [Brad] started challenging prevention of injury status"

"Fulsome praise from #Manning for "very professional" staff, slight change when started challenging confinement status in Jan. 2011."

"Two long days and nights at Ft. Meade for #Manning / Quantico hearings. First two hearings stretched past 8pm. Press comes bright and early"

"Also, Col. Oltman, the witness, received the email, and sent reply with signature 'Sam I Am.' (3 of 3)"

"Today, revealed that author of couplets was the brig's Judge Advocate General, Lt. Col. Greer... (2 of 3)"

"Yesterday, revealed that Quantico staffer sent email parody of "Green Eggs and Ham" about guards taking away #Manning's underwear. (1 of ?)"

"Quantico chief: #Manning should have been held there 90 days max, not 9 mths..."

GLENN GREENWALD (at the Guardian)

30 Nov: Bradley Manning – A tale of liberty lost in America


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