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Arms designers shut down

No Borders (Hackney) | 09.09.2003 10:00 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Migration | London

On Thursday 4th September military systems designers ESDU International shut down early before a demo by Hackney No Borders. Another small success in the run-up to shutting down DSEi.

Warmongers out of Hackney!

A dozen people picketed the office at 27 Corsham Street in Hoxton making the link between arms, trade and migration. The area was leafleted informing the neighbouring businesses, who had no idea what ESDU were up to, and chalk outlines decorated the ground. Everyone then went off to leaflet the tube station about DSEi.

ESDU design guided missile systems and are developing systems for the new generation of fighter plane.

No Borders (Hackney)
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