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Street Theatre welcomes NATO delegates

jupiter | 08.09.2003 15:31 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Cambridge

On Monday morning, delegates to the NATO military committee meeting in Cambridge were greeted by a lively show of the street theatre "performing for peace".

Two mock NATO officials, one gold bearing weapons dealer and three mock civilians were performing a skit to show the immorality of the arms trade. While the two NATO defense chiefs were spending their money on smart bombs, not-so-smart bombs, the TRIDENT programme and a 2 metre miniature jet fighter, the civilians were demanding health care, education, and other social programmes. In the end, the arms dealer wins, gets all the money, cheap loans and subsidies and walks off happily when the civilians start charging their NATO representatives.

The play brought attention to the ongoing NATO conference in Cambridge, the DSEi exhibition in London and in general the high military spending and its consequences. The public seemed to like the creative side of protesting. The police turned up in bright yellow to add yet another colour to our performance! Photos coming soon!