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Cardiff student occupiers settle in for the night...

unoccupied student | 24.02.2009 22:44 | University Occupations for Gaza | Anti-militarism | Education | Palestine

After a hard days occupyin' Cardiff student group 'Cardiff Students Against the War' are now settling in for a night in their new TAZ in the Shandon Lecture Theatre, Cardiff University.

'Preliminary negotiations' have begun with the universities 'Director of Strategic Development', Louise Casella, who has 'guaranteed that no repercussions will be taken against students and staff for taking part in the occupation' . They seem un-cooperative with regards to acceding to the demands of the occupation, but did inform the students that they had divested from BAE Systems on Friday... because of the share price!?

Speaking on the phone, an occupier said :
"It is all quite calm now, we have all had our dinner and are settling in after quite a hectic day, and have secured the building for the night. The university so far have been quite reasonable, despite not giving way on demands, and are facilitating our presence here. There is currently only one security guard on the door checking ID. Student union officers also came and expressed their support for us as individual students, although they claimed they couldn't back our cause in any way.

"We had quite a long facilitated discussion with the pro-VC earlier who, despite not saying very much, was quite helpful in indicating demands the university may be able to work with us on.

"We have had tremendous support and are looking at around 30 staying tonight, with more helping from the outside and many expected tomorrow.

"As well as all the support and solidarity we have also had a lot of generally positive press coverage from local radio and BBC Wales.

"We are looking forward to a good nights sleep and a busy day tomorrow."

The occupiers are busy planning a programme of 'teach-ins, guest lecturers, and live music' as well as a video link-up with some Gaza students.

So, get down to Cardiff Uni and show some solidarity (strictly as guests you understand) !

Email messages of support to below email, make sure to CC in David Grant, Vice-Chancellor of Cardiff Uni via PA: (please be polite :).

Announcement + statement + pictures:

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Photos of first night

25.02.2009 10:38

dinner time
dinner time

Disarm Cardiff cake for pudding
Disarm Cardiff cake for pudding

then lots more discussion
then lots more discussion

First night of occupation...

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