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Corporate Media on DSEi protests

gdm | 11.09.2003 12:01 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London | World

Links to other media reports around the world about the DSEi protests.

Independent: - Police 'used anti-terrorism laws to arrest protesters'

Guardian:,10674,1039549,00.html - Blunkett queries arms fair arrests

Financial Times: - Police use of terror powers at arms fair challenged

ThisIsLocalLondon: - Protesters take over tank - Police use anti-terrorism powers as arms fair protest grows

Waltham Forest Guardian: - Tax payers funding arms sales – claim


Cape Times, SA: - Anti-terror laws abused, civil rights group claims

The Scotsman: - Blunkett steps in to terror law row

Telegraph: - Terror laws used on arms protesters

ABC local radio, Australia: - London hosts fair selling weapons, military hardware (transcript; audio files available thruogh link)