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activists detained at charring cross

destroy dsei | 11.09.2003 02:35 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Sheffield

activists detined at charring cross

02:46 11/09/03

Just been released after 7 hours at charring cross police station, cautioned for theft of police equipment, plod there said that they had detained 35 activists throughout the day.

I saw two Sheffielders and one from Doncaster, one from Wigan and about 3 from London
There was 1 international, Italian I think, didn't get to speak to them.
Spirits were high in the detention yard, people passing round cigarettes and talking about their experiences of the day.

Most had been charged with obstruction, criminal damage(going equiped) and threatening behaviour. Three people I spoke to were being charged with assault on a police officer, in the first case after the police had thrown a small guy into the recreation ground, this guy having landed on his face, the person being charged had thought the police were attacking kids and so had waded in to help. The second was someone attempting to find out the number of a plod that had just pushed a pregnant woman over. The third case was of someone pouring beer over a plod.

destroy dsei


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