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remembers . . . . to have a future

. . . . reminders to think again | 11.07.2006 17:47 | Anti-militarism | Culture | Repression | World

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The "remember the eleventh of EVERY month" campaign, amongst other "uniting across the spectrums" campaigns, has put various "traditional" themes into its output, that sometimes seem at first at odds with other "radical"-seeming proposals.
This quick round-up is in that "allsorts" slot:
Seeing that the "info-war-in-peace" is covered by the brief of this attempt to remember, then re-investigate, to comprehend IN A DIFFERENT WAY so that we can PRE-EMPT the recurrence of stupid tragedies - perhaps a few words on this weeks "info-war themes", too, then somethings to think about that can speed solutions - crunch points sometimes come along without the fanfares - when its about trying to find the moment to change course, or to help a lot of people see things from a different angle at a simultaneous moment -
- problems
-good alternate ways to exist.
( continuing " tactful discussions " theme )
latest news: the "traditional" side of seeing a way for societies to remember has discovered good new energy in recent times, yet some odd moments.
THE 7/7 "year after" moment was disfigured by a bit of hate-mongerer malarkey, trying to do that "enemy within" thing, but didnt, in fact, manage to play people off against each other, as recent casualties from the middle east, (+ everybody - all colours etc - keeping the "en-ger-land" patron saints flag high) - with continued pressure for a full investigation, further support for 7/7 casualties + kin, even serious doubts about the "theory" we are supposed to accept as to what, in fact, happened all co-existing - in fact - supporting each other.
(e.g. see " remember 7/7 ", these pages.)
In the USA the 9/11 memorial saga continues - after the "omissions of errorism" came out, unanswered questions dealt with by . . . . remaining unasked, then anybody asking them having "conspiracy theorist" shouted at them HASNT worked - good thing too - so scientists, ex-army, republicans, democrats etc are picking up good work of the people from the "outside" that dont mind the flak so much (- or have gotten accustomed to it some!) . The "democracy" museum bit of the ground zero site has gotten shelved due to cutbacks. . . . they think. Thats a campaign that aint over either.
WW1 Memorials - good news - the westminster abbey do is for the entire of society that suffered from that disaster - mothers, daughters, sons, grandkids . . . . a higher number of poppies got sold last year than ever, new war memorials are created, pasts are re-investigated.
(e.g. see " does it help to REMEMBER " - these pages,
+ " minderbinders octopus " historical relooks, ditto )

current info-war, + "dont lets do THIS. . . . "
This announcement in parliament a couple of hours ago - what the ****.
waste. 25000 years. some of the nuclear POWER stations have to have a continuous stream of bulldozers putting sand back to recreate a sea wall that anybody should have predicted was going to erode since CANUTE. In the USA "native americans" are getting hoodwinked into allowing nuclear dumps on reservations - over earthquake faults - in states that are trying to stay "nuclear free" by the same sort of people that flew congressmen to play golf in scotland to get them to support dodgy "gaming" con cessions - " - but, thats the market!??? ".
A former PM came up with the push for the " mulberry harbour" idea, why cant this PM see the point in hooking a new bunch of them up to dynamo s to use the tide FOR us.
( moon on a stick - that'll do nicely.) Yes, energy saving, solar, wind, cleverer coal etc - but we are surrounded by tides, - the reason why the pro-nuclear snakeoilsalesman cabal at the dti etc in the seventies got hold of the job of calculating the worth of wavepower MISLAID THE DECIMAL POINT BY THREE PLACES isnt THAT hard to fathom.
Same old same old, it seems. But we cant tolerate them getting away with it.

Trident follow on. Utter bollocks.
". . . . going down to the shops dear - taking the flamethrower, of course - since you never know what might happen."
EVEN the old, ( serious) pro-NW types had to admit that its single "rationale" was a place at the security council - but then what kind of scary-ass psycho futureworld does THAT presuppose. A property qualification to have a vote was a stupid idea, but to have to go into the conference chamber without a shred of common OR strategic sense, naked except for a suicidebomb-belt , THAT S what we call STUPID .
( THE "STRATEGY" changed for all thinking people that werent wittingly or unwittingly of the "minderbinder/bilko complex" ( paraphrasing Eisenhower ) when deterrence could get enacted in a way that meant you couldnt fire back at it - ie " poor mans bombs" etc - when anybody except cold-war-nostalgic-escalation- profiteer "lobby-ist" thinktankies had stopped talking about "staying in front" to think - WITH SOME IMMINENT EFFORT - of a way we could ALL stop playing with matches in these pools of gasoline . . . .

. . . . reminders to think again