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Bush Visit Protested in Bradford

Rebel W | 20.11.2003 01:15 | Bush 2003 | Anti-militarism | Repression

Bradford saw a notable amount of Anti-Bush protest throughout Wednesday 19th November. This included a rally, a visit to the police station and a strange occurance with the bus stops, or should they be...

During the early hours of the morning, some people, protesting at Bush's visit, added the letter 'h' after the word bus, and before the word Stop. The new "Bush Stop"s can still be viewed though the group may well remove the offending letters shortly.

At 4pm, around 200 people took part in a rally near the Alhambra Theatre, where people were asked to sign a petition calling for the arrest of Tony Blair on war crimes charges. The petition was then handed in to the Police on the steps of the near by Bradford South Police Station. They responded by telling us they would hand it on to the Home Office. Legal Action Against the War's information on the specifics of the charges was also handed in.

Much interest is being shown in the buses down to London. We hope to take 2 full coaches and have extra minibuses on hand in case too many turn out. Look out London, here we come...

Rebel W