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STOP PRESS: Final route for London anti-war demo on March 19

Nuala (posted by eileen) | 18.03.2005 12:54 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Oxford


Change of Route etc

At the Trafalgar Square Peace Camp (allowed by Great Ken), George Galloway
told us that the Demo planners have managed to wangle permission to take the
march through Grosvenor Square.

So people will start to gather at 12 to leave Hyde Park at 1pm and go on
from there via the Embassy to Trafalgar Square.

An Iraqi woman at an Oxford meeting this week pointed out that the US troops
are not in fact protecting any Iraqis but more their own positions. The
coalition forces are still there really to facilitate the establishment of
US interests in Iraq. The presence of the aggressor forces, now proved to
have been utterly ruthless towards Iraqi people, only lends justification to
the various terrorist group actions. So the "Troops out" and" End the
Occupation" slogan may seem a bit simplistic but is one, hopefully, we can
march behind.

OXFORD PEOPLE, If you haven't managed to buy a ticket for the coach (Uhuru,
the Inner Bookshop, the Quaker Centre) just turn up at 11am at St.Giles. We
may well have places for you. The coach will be returning from a place
nearest the Embankment tube at 6.30pm. Any traffic problems should have
subsided by then. My mobile number is 07881 768853 if you can't find the
Bakers coach.

Nuala (posted by eileen)