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Police Frame James Thorne: Trial this week

James Thorne | 26.01.2004 16:32 | Anti-militarism | Repression

Your Manchester comrade James Thorne is being tried on a trumped up assault charge after police violently dispersed a peaceful protest last June. All support on 29/30 January at Manc Magistrates Court warmly appreciated.

Dear Friends,

I am on trial on Thursday 29th and Friday 30th January, at Manchester Magistrates Court, starts 10am.

This trial arises from an incident on June 7th 2003, when I happened to be a bystander at an impromptu protest in Albert Square, Manchester. Police moved in to rough up half a dozen men and women who had raised a banner stating ‘Another World is Possible’, in a public place where a military band was playing. I was also pushed over from behind, and handcuffed on the floor.

Having kept me in the cells for five hours, and failed to contact a solicitor despite my request, they bailed me to return the next day. When I did so, they charged me with assaulting a police officer, falsely alleging that I had punched and kicked one PC Hanvy, of the GMP. Six cops have signed made up statements describing this fictional attack.

Although this ludicrous incident doubtless had its comic side, it is also sadly a reminder of the often unacceptable behaviour of the Manchester Police. Moreover, along with the resultant prosecution, it represents yet another attack on freedom of speech and expression on OUR streets. Theoretically, assaulting a PC carries a six-month sentence.

If anyone can attend court in anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist solidarity, it would be so good to see you.


[If any further witnesses have any information about this incident whatsoever, please contact Peter Malone at Lizar’s solicitors (0161 227 7777)]

James Thorne
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