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Day X - Thursday March 20th - Edinburgh

Ally B | 21.03.2003 11:23 | Anti-militarism

Pictures of demonstrations in Edinburgh on Day X - Thursday March 20th.

Day X - Thursday March 20th - Edinburgh
Day X - Thursday March 20th - Edinburgh

Scotland Says Stop the Killing

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Scotland, joining the millions across Britain and throughout the world. In acts of peaceful civil disobedience they blocked streets and protested. In Glasgow there were school students strikes and walkouts, demonstrators filled George Sq, blocked streets and blocked the motorway. In Edinburgh, in the 4th consecutive day of strikes and protests thousands marched from Edinburgh Castle to block Princes Street, bringing the city centre to a halt for an anti-war rally. And in towns across Scotland from Shetland to Dumbarton people took to the streets to say no.

Images of Friday March 20th in Edinburgh

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