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Dropping cluster bombs on Scottish Parliament!

fisheye | 21.03.2003 14:58 | Anti-militarism

Hail a new movement....THE CONETTIESTAS!!!

Just got back from 3 days up in Edinburgh, on Wednesday we took part in a die in and closed down Princes street with 100s of schoolkids, absolutely lovely. Then myself and a few pals went along to the public gallery of Scottish parliament in order to hopefully hear a debate on Iraq, we had been warned that the matter would not be discussed by the assembled MSPs so I figured I best go along prepared. We sat through an hour of boring sound bites, supposedly MSPs supporting our troops (as Tommy Sheridan, one of the only MSPs with any sense said, 'The way to support our troops is to bring em back home'). Tommy called for the afternoons proceedings to be cancelled and for a debate on the impending war to take place instead, he was heckled down by the other MSPs and a debate did not take place. As the assembeld MSPs moved on to another issue I knew it was time to strike! I ran down to the front of the balcony and emptied my arsenal of Cluster bombs over the MSPs heads below, ok it was anti war confetti cluster bombs, which you can download and make yourself here: One of the assembled Labour MSPs has called for tighter security measures in Scottish parliament now as my confetti could have been 'laced'!!!! The worst damage can be done by the confetti is a f**king paper cut, wimps!! I then launched into a tirade that would hopefully stay in the assembled MSPs memories for some time. I was a little excited and shouted my head off at them for some 2 minutes, disrupting their apathy and hopefully affecting their consciences! I tried my hardest to cling to the handrails on the balcony but was put in an armlock by a copper and dragged off by 4 of em kicking and screaming all the way out! Not very classy I know, but I got my point across and the confetti protest was all across Scotlands evening news! One news reporter described me as a 'confettiest'! Whatever that is, so with that it in mind we proudly launch a new movement.....*The Confettiestas*!!! Download the confetti cluster bomb designs from the link given above and use these in any situation you feel relevant!!!



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