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Protestors, performers & police get ready for Condi visit

IMC Liverpool | 30.03.2006 14:01 | Anti-militarism | Culture | Repression | Liverpool

Pressure on LIPA & the Philharmonic

Merseyside Stop the War continue to demonstrate outside LIPA, who have refused (unlike the Philharmonic) to even meet with the protestors to hear their concerns. Rose Gentle of Military Families Against the War, who spoke at a public meeting in Liverpool last night, has joined the LIPA protest.

Since Roger McGough pulled out of compereing the concert at the Philharmonic tomorrow, and Cathy Tyson has turned them down too, the Phil are keeping quiet about who will actually host the event.

Some members of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra are refusing to take part. They would not even be allowed to wear anti-war badges as a sign of protest on stage. Singer Jennifer John of Sense of Sound will perform but has chosen the anti-war anthem Imagine, saying "The opportunity to stand opposite the most powerful black woman in history whose politics I do not share, and sing Imagine, is not something I could refuse." (from Daily Post report)

Security tightening up

Hope Street is already reported to be swarming with police. And apparently the Council has paid its contractors digging up Hope Street bonuses to finish up quickly and ensure no loose stones are left anywhere along its length (just in case) - what is this saying about the council's view of anti-war protesters and campaigners?

The policing budget for the visit is £1.5 million.

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