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Thursday - photos of demo outside Condi's hotel

IMC Liverpool | 31.03.2006 10:35 | Anti-militarism | Liverpool

On Thursday evening protesters gathered outside Condis Hope street hotel to start the events on this 2 day unwelcoming event. Large numbers of banners and loud chanting ensured it had a large profile.

(originally posted in comment on earlier article)

IMC Liverpool


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  1. But Condelezza Rice is black, show some respect for black people! — Black Briton
  2. Is it because I am black ? — Sacha Cohen
  3. Show respect for the dead of iraq — Harrison Daily
  4. how patronizing! — (A) Sab
  5. hehe — Nick
  6. Black Briton sounds fake to me — Shakin' Rachel Stevens
  7. CONDI A ROLE MODEL? NOT IN THE U.S., THANK GOODNESS!! — JA -- African American, San Francisco, USA