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At last the Silence is being Broken: UK War-Plans exposed by the World's Media

KosmiKK | 30.03.2006 16:59 | Anti-militarism | London | World

At long last, the warning cry about the Bliar's dangerous state-of-mind and foreign policy is being picked-up by the media.

Significantly, the recently-leaked Sawer memo and its implications are reported first from Dubai and Pakistan , ie Asian countries with a rather different perspective on what New Labour's arrogant John Reid assumes to be the world community.

When people like Reid and Bliar use such phrases, attaching them to emotive clarion calls for the 'defence of freedom', 'our traditional values' and the 'protection of civilization' you can be sure it's all coded guff. Orwellian newspeak for 'protecting the predominantly Anglo-Saxon capitalist power of the USUK' hiding the wicked hypocrisies of a death machine which really has no place in the 21st Century.

Bankrupt of any true political vision, they represent forces of reaction which, even in the face of the most tremendous Earth Changes, hang onto their anti-evolutionary outlook on humanity. Having chosen past glories of Empire to be their cultural theme they made a faustian deal with the USA's new, Straussian imperialists. A deal which ensured their becoming war-criminals.

Now, they can only spend the rest of their miserable careers trying to justify the unjustifiable in front of a media, once servile and now increasingly cynical of a product well-past its sell-by date. For all the rest of the world cares the Bliars and Reids, the Bushes and Rumsfelds might just as well address their guilty protestations to a hall full of mirrors. One way or another the terrible crimes they have committed against humanity are now beginning to reflect back on them as a global judgement, sure to revisit and haunt them for the rest of their mortal existence.

That process of natural judgement may well have begun. But the danger is that the criminals are on the run and bound to do further damage in an act of sheer desperation.

Was the reason for John Sawer's leaking of a high-level memo to warn the world of the current British government's manoeuvring of the IAEA, the UNSC and the Big 5 to bring about a UN Resolution against Iran? For having once obtained that, which they now have, it's a much smaller step for the USUK to up the ante at a later date, say June, and replace what they are bound to call an "ineffective measure" with a punitive Chapter VII Resolution which finally gives the warmongers the 'legality' to conduct vicious embargoes. Embargoes which, like the ones against Iran, will only hurt innocent civilians? Which will give them the cover they seek to attack Iran militarily in a blitzkrieg most likely requiring the use of nuclear weapons?

This is what the leaked memo should be warning us of.

Either John Sawer is now so worried about the Bliar cabal's determination to take his country into another more terrible war or the memo was leaked deliberately. In which case we can assume that there are some very serious divisions of opinion in high places in the Bliar regime as there are now in Washington DC.

Whatever the case may be it is inexcusable that the natural opposition to Bliar's warmongering, be it in the parliamentary Labour Party, the constituencies, the mainstream media, the anti-war movement or the public at large should remain silent in such a dangerous time.

If when, thanks to a good civil servant, we now know what's being cooked-up for us we remain silent then we too become Bliar's accomplices in his next murderous holocaust.

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