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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Mein Kampf by John Howard

27-09-2005 23:14

These governments ARE the terrorists
All Sieg Heil John Howard as his enabling act gets passed.

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Documentary about NYC's Critical Mass at Broadway Cinema

27-09-2005 20:19

police confiscate bicycles in March 2005 (video still)
JUST A REMINDER - there is a screening of Still We Ride at Broadway Cinema in Nottingham at 6PM on Wednesday. SWR is a 37 minute doc about the ongoing (still after 1 yr!) police crackdown on bicycling and free speech in New York City. Two of the directors from the US will be on hand to answer questions and chat.

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Former MI5 Shayler Speaks out at peace demo

27-09-2005 10:54

Giulio Sica speaks to former MI5 officer David Shayler at the London peace and liberty demonstration, 24 September, 2005.

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Filiberto Ojeda Rios Puerto Rico Independence Leader murdered

27-09-2005 07:21

Filiberto supporters
Filiberto Ojeda Rios (b.1933-d.2005) Puerto Rico Independence Leader murdered. United States Government Assassinates Leader of Puerto Rican Independence.

Global and Puerto Rico IndyMedia : say "Comrade Filiberto, your death will be avenged."

"To all comrades. The yanky government has assassinated Comrade Filiberto Ojeda, who has been living clandestinely for the last 15 years, and who has been the leader of the armed struggle for the liberation of Puerto Rico. We ask that you highlight in the different IMC's the pain of the Puerto Rican people, who have massed on the street to unanimously request the end of the colonialism that is destroying our island (country)."

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Techie and terrorist behavioural profiles are the same

27-09-2005 01:55

‘LONDON (Reuters): - A London underground train station was evacuated and part of a main east-west line closed in a security alert on Thursday, three weeks after suicide bombers killed 52 people on the transport network, police said. A Transport Police spokeswoman said Southwark station was closed and Jubilee Line services suspended between Waterloo and Canary Wharf in the east London business district.’

This Reuters story was written while the police were detaining me in Southwark tube station and the bomb squad was checking my rucksack. When they were through, the two explosive specialists walked out of the tube station smiling and commenting ‘nice laptop’. The officers offered apologies on behalf of the Metropolitan Police. Then they arrested me.

Sari Horwitz writes, a few days after my arrest, in the Washington Post:

‘After the July 7 attacks on the London transit system by suicide bombers, the international police chiefs organization produced a detailed training guide for dealing with suicide bombers [that] recommends [...] an officer needs to use lethal force to stop someone who fits a certain behavioral profile.’

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Israeli Anarchist Anti-Occupation Activist Speaks In London

27-09-2005 00:10

This Thursday, 29th September
Israeli Anarchist Activist Speaks in London
8pm at The Red Rose, 129 Seven Sisters Rd

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Sheehan Arrested During Anti-War Protest

26-09-2005 23:11

From the Guardian today.

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Urgent Prisoner Solidarity Requested

26-09-2005 22:47

New Denunciation From Political Prisoners Currently Being Held In A French Prison:

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Mark Barnsley Visits Derry's Bogside

26-09-2005 22:37

Some photos of Mark Barnsleys Talk in Derry, Ireland

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Here we go again - G8 Finance Ministers to meet in London on December 10th

26-09-2005 18:49

G8 Finance Ministers to meet in London on December 10th
Read the extract below

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Gate Gourmet serve up a feast at 24/09

26-09-2005 14:40

Gate Gourmet Workers at the Anti-War Demo

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Uzbekistani Repression Benefit

26-09-2005 13:08

Benefit for recent Uzbek massacre, to support resistance.

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Cuba under threat from US aggression...

26-09-2005 13:04

For 44 years Cuba has suffered attempted invasions, terrorist attacks and a vicious and illegal economic blockade by the US. Despite this, the country's many achievements, including its renowned health and education services, have survived. Whatever your views on Cuba, its people do not deserve such aggression. I urge all readers to call on the British government to separate itself from such threats by sending a clear message to the US and the Cuban people that it would not support US military action against the country.

I (along with others) am dedicated to the idea that every country has a right to self-determination. That when a people, such as the people of Cuba, decides to kick out a dictator, as they did to Batista in January 1959, they have a right to organize their freedom anyway they want.

The 'free-loading' capitalist class of the United States don't see it that way. They think that Cuba is theirs - just as they think that every country in Latin America and everywhere else is theirs to plunder.

Whenever a North American capitalist is in trouble, the United States sends its gunboats and armed soldiers to strong-arm anyone who doesn't like being exploited by some American businessman. That's the American way!

Prior to the 1959 revolution Cuba was used as a 'sporting house' and a 'playground' for North American tourists. Brothels, gambling casinos, big hotels, plantations, and factories were all owned and controlled by American businesses. Cuban men, women and children were there to be controlled and to labour so that the exploiters could send their profits to banks within the United States (USA).

Batista, the dictator of Cuba at that time, acted like a hired gun of the United States. He made sure that any Cuban worker who even thought of organizing a union disappeared, rapidly. His job was to keep the Cuban people in their place, on their knees, for the North American capitalist class... Then something happened.

Fidel Castro, Che Guevara (an American Doctor) and other young Cuban rebels decided to try and take back Cuba for its people. And they did - with the support of the overwhelming majority of the Cuban people, who wanted to get the foreign capitalists out of their country. On New Year's Day, 1959, the July 26th Movement took their country away from the 'Yankee' imperialists.

Then they set about taking back their land and turning it over to the Cuban peasants and workers. They closed the brothels and gambling casinos, took the plantations and factories out of the hands of North American robber barons, and stopped the northward drift of profits.

Then, for all Cubans, they set up free medical care, free public education through college, and free childcare. They began to build housing, roads, and airports and nationalized the banking system. They made Cuba a nation of proud, educated and rightly militant people.

Imperialism (UK & USA) hates that kind of thing as it could catch on in other countries within the Western Hemisphere. If one group of workers threw out their capitalist government, then every other small country could do likewise. Even workers within the imperialist countries could get wise and start thinking about a real democracy within their own countries!

Can you imagine the working class voting for their own hours and wages? Can you imagine workers voting to build hospitals and repair schools instead of bombs and tanks?

And the working class voting against bombing Panama or Iraq, saying they had nothing to gain by murdering men, women and children in another country?

Instead, the workers of imperialist countries vote for puppets who go to Washington D.C. and work for their bosses. They have the choice of voting for Candidate #1, who will do what he or she is told to do, or Candidate #2, who will do what he or she is told to do.

Every once in a while there comes Candidate #3, who promises to work for the "people" and then does what he or she is told to by the ruling class. That's the kind of "democracy" in practice in the United States.

In Cuba, workers bypassed that kind of 'democracy' and set up their own kind of government. In fact, when the United States invaded Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, the Cuban people voted with their guns and drove out the invaders. That was democracy - an event very similar to our own "Boston Tea Party" on Dec. 16, 1773 - a struggle that eventually eliminated control by the British monarchy.

Once again, the U.S. imperialists are on a rampage against Cuba. They have tried everything to choke the life out of that country. Now they want to tighten their fingers around the throat of the Cuban people.

Please go to your search engine and key in Cuba Solidarity Campaign or Hands Off Cuba.

Thanks so much for reading.

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data retention is no solution

26-09-2005 11:53


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Blogging + Privacy for Cyber Dissidents: New Reporters Without Borders Handbook

26-09-2005 09:28

Reporters Without Borders has produced a new handbook with handy tips and technical advice on how to remain anonymous and to get round censorship, by choosing the most suitable method for each situation. It also explains how to set up and make the most of a blog, to publicise it (getting it picked up efficiently by search-engines) and to establish its credibility through observing basic ethical and journalistic principles.

Create your own blog, remain anonymous and get round censorship !


pdf download:

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The Mama and the War President

26-09-2005 07:09

Transcript of communique by award-winning journalist, ex-Black Panther and political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal from his cell on death row, gleaned from , intended to be disseminated as widely as possible (no edits).

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Audio - 'Basiragate' an exclusive interview with David Shayler

26-09-2005 03:32

7 minute 3MB audio file 32kbps 22,050khx 16bit mono MP3

Exclusive interview with David Shayler, the ex MI5 domestic counter-intelligence whistleblower.

This in one of a series of interviews made at Hyde Park in London after the Stop The War Collalition 'march for peace and liberty' on the 24th Sept 2005

for MP3 download or visit the rampART radio website to subscribe to our new podcast service.

Look out for other interviews from the rampART radio archive

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Audio - Interview with a terror suspect, David Mery

26-09-2005 02:14

1 hr 30 min MP3 (32kbps 22,050 16bit mono)

David Mery popped into the rampART radio studio to talk to us about his terrifing night at the hands of Londons terror police...

20 megabyte download or torrent from

Look out for other interviews and shows from the rampART radio archive or subscribe to our new podcast service

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Pics from Brian Haw’s peace camp, 24 Sep

25-09-2005 20:42

Without the right to protest there are no rights
Brian Haw’s peace camp is still there in Parliament Square, and under the Serious Organised Crime act, he is now the only person who can protest there without prior police approval(!) Here are some photos of the messages on display there. See also report, photos and audio clips from the stop-the-war demonstration held in London on the 24th September at:

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Anarchic art exhibition spotted in London

25-09-2005 20:38

buck fush fliar arms fiar
Some of the marchers on the stop-the-war demonstration held in London on 24th September 2005, spotted an exhibition of anti-war / anti-capitalist art, cartoons and subvertisments attached to the railings in Park Lane. Here are photos of some of them. Report of the march, more photos and audio clips at:
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