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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Crisis meeting at Pavilion Housing Association

24-08-2004 13:51

Following a damning report on Pavilion Housing Association and their chief executive being hauled before a committee of Rushmoor Borough Council, he tried to pull a fast one by inviting the councillors for a meeting at his place. It did not go quite as he had planned.

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Now in Manila’s (Philippines) busiest city highway EDSA (site of 1986 People’s P

24-08-2004 12:17

Pictures at EDSA
The hunger strike of Ernest Barraquias Jr. is to press the top officials of the law-enforcement agencies of the Philippines to conduct investigations on several kid-slay attempts on him. Suspects include members of the Philippine National Police & the National Bureau of Investigation. Although there was a ransom demand on the last abduction attempt on him, the attempts to kidnap-slay him is believed to be related to his coming out in the open and exposing the activities of a big drug syndicate that used his company’s legitimate operations to distribute confiscated drugs back to the market. He & his nephew-dependent Richswaze were held virtual hostages in the last 3 years.

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Australian Feds Persecute British born Aus Family with 2yr old Baby

24-08-2004 07:29

PHILIP RUDOCK MP Australian Federal Attorney General allows TORTURE of British born AUS FAMILY WITH BABY 4YRS ONGOING FEDERAL PSYCOLOGICAL TORTURE HUGE TEAM 40 PLUS NASTY FEDS ENCAMPED AROUND FAMILY unit .Indymedia AUS being hacked by Feds stop truth getting out ,Feds cut ph 20/8/04 telstra case no 112673769.print now please. incoming calls mob ph land ph email .indy comments replies in FEDS Control . Evil prevails when good people do nothing . please help us!

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Why men suicide in Australia?

24-08-2004 02:29

Australian Prime Minister Website
25 years ago in Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser established Family Court. This Court disciminate against men so fanatically that more than 50,000 Australian fathers couldn't cope with Court decission and killed themselves. Prime Ministers Hawke, Keating and Howard refined the system of this modern genocide.

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"9/11 National Security Protection Act"--Sen. Roberts goes berserk

23-08-2004 17:41

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, and 7 other Republican senators, have proposed splitting the US CIA into three separate agencies, all under one National Intelligence Service--has the far right gone mad?

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Iraq: Medical Aid Workers targetted, but by who?

23-08-2004 12:41

Helen Williams outside Imam Ali Mosque, Nagaf
Welsh Campaigner, Helen Williams, took part in a 7 vehicle aid convoy, which delivered medical aid into Nagaf. On the way there the lead vehicle was blown up and severely damaged; on their return the lead car was destroyed - people are missing. The Mahdi Army welcomed them, while the Us army refused opposed them. A detailed account of events within Nagaf and Kufa.

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Gaztetxe (social centre) "euskal jai" in iruña evicted and demolished

22-08-2004 13:37

use before eviction
gaztetxe "euskal jai" in iruña evicted and destroyed.

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Iruña, Basque Country: resistance against eviction

22-08-2004 13:07

For days the old inner city centre of the Basque city Iruna seems like a police fortress.
After heavily armed police forces have evicted the 10 year old occupied autonomously organised youth and community centre "Euskal Jai" (means something like "Basque party") last monday, the massive resistance against the attacks on the self-organised structures does not stop.

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Tali Fahima is politically prosecuted (Israel/Palestine)

22-08-2004 11:01

Tali Fahima, 28, a legal secretary in Tel-Aviv, originally from Kiryat-Gat, travelled last year to meet Zakariya Zbeidi, the Jenin leader of the Al-Aqsa Brigades...

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George W. Bush, The Neocons, & The Nazis: Ties That Bind

22-08-2004 01:50

There are numerous connections between the Bush family and the Nazis. Moreover, the philosophy of the neocons within the Bush administration has already been connected with fascism. However, no article has attempted to present an overview of the fascist connections within the Bush administration.

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Video - Anarchist Award Night at the Grand Banks

21-08-2004 23:48

Video Video
Monday night award ceremony at the grand banks, everyone was there!

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TUC calls for national slavery remembrance day

21-08-2004 23:27

The TUC is calling upon the Government to recognise the 23 August as the National Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. This date marks a crucial event in the fight against slavery of an uprising in St Domingo in 1791.

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Revolution is Bloody

21-08-2004 19:42

It is true we shouldn't be afraid of martyrdom, however, we should not
be selecting and setting each other up for that position nor should we
be afraid to hold up the images of our martyrs and shout out their names
and certainly continue the fight and struggle. What is the trap of the
west? to think, as Gil Scott Heron observed, that the Calvary always
comes to save the day and that the hero lives to see the glory of that
day. We have forgotten that it is about the future/the Culture/Sankofa
not "the crazy house called ameriKKKAnada" and profits. So we are going
to get martyrs.

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Of murder and a friend

21-08-2004 19:40

I am reminded/Of murder and a friend shot through the head behind a police station/I am reminded of Anthany James Dawson pounded into a coma on the streets/of Victoria by police officers/I am reminded/Of the self lynched black and Native youth sentenced to death by the callousness and mental pimpin of this city… cuz they consume native and black boys/I am reminded;/"keep a cool head" as the song by marcus Garvey go

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Sheffield March for Naseh 21st August

20-08-2004 19:42

Sheffield March for Naseh 21st August

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19-08-2004 22:14

The suffocating Jewish Lobby controls the U.S. Congress.

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Legendary occupied social centre evicted in Pamplona, Navarra, Spain

19-08-2004 22:02

Euskal Jai is the famous Squat of Pamplona's old part,
where, during 10 years, lots of projects went on.

It is now being evicted. Read the cronicle.

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Homelessness in Rushmoor

19-08-2004 14:18

What is homelessness? A fairly obvious question, deserving an obvious answer, but not it seems in the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor.

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Russia: Independent journalist imprisoned!

19-08-2004 08:49

On May 12, 2004 antifascist, anarchist and independent journalist Alexey
Cherepanov was arrested in the russian city of Krasnodar by the state drug
enforcement agency. He is being framed for the alleged possession of
marihuana and heroin and is now facing up to three years imprisonment in a
purely political case!