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Some Thoughts

10-11-2011 22:34


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Benefit for antifascist prisoners in Leeds

10-11-2011 20:46

A benefit for the six imprisoned UK antifascist prisoners on Saturday 12th November.

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A Dictionary of Terms for the Shafted: political policing

10-11-2011 20:19

New terms to help us describe the increasing intimidation of protesters in the UK.

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Undercover Cop Faces at N9

10-11-2011 18:34

This footage proves secret police ARE dressing in black-bloc gear and hoodies etc to attack and arrest protestors. Print-put spotter sheets with their faces on and if you see them at future demos keep shouting out to everyone who they are, follow them like a hawk, and film their every move.

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SWP Internal Bulletin - How the party thinks about recruitment...

10-11-2011 15:35

Leaked from an internal members-only SWP 92 page post-conference bulletin published in January.

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Callout for a Solidarity Action – International Day to Defend the Egyptian Revol

10-11-2011 12:51

Saturday 12/11/11, 3pm St Paul’s
Occupy London is calling for ‘A tour of shame’ on the 12th of November, starting at St Pauls at 3pm, as it is the International Day to defend the Egyptian Revolution. We will be touring central London, visiting 3 of the 6 Arms Dealers who accompanied Cameron to Cairo in February, in order to strike an arms deal with the Egyptian Army.

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Prevent nuclear waste at its origin: uranium mining

10-11-2011 05:46

Prevent nuclear waste at its origin: uranium mining
Invitation to an international uranium conference 4 Feb 12

On 11 March 2011 Fukushima became the new symbol of the uncontrollability of nuclear installations. In Germany powerful protests have achieved the closure of several nuclear power stations, in some countries nuclear programmes are being cut back, but in several others nuclear energy production is still being expanded. And in Niger, Congo, Namibia, Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan and elsewhere uranium continues to be mined unscrupulously and almost unnoticed.
It starts with uranium!

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Plane Justice - Banned In America

10-11-2011 04:08

Why don't you hear about the extra cancer deaths, & global warming impacts from airports? Because UK activists are prevented from speaking in the U.S. Hear British aviation activist John Stewart (campaigner of the year) & Dan Glass from Plus Debi Wagner from Seattle. She fought off SeaTac (2nd largest global warming polluter in Washington State), tells about horrible health impacts, & the battle to halt airport expansion (Chicago, NYC, and more).

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New Dan Glass Plane Stupid Interview

09-11-2011 07:42

Famous Plane Stupid activist Dan Glass, interviewed in Vancouver, Canada while on the Aviation Justice Tour to link up activism in the UK with expanding airports in North America. We talk climate change, health impacts, and suppression of civil rights by police and secret services. Bonus audio from Radio Ecoshock 111109 32 minutes.

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When Speaking the Truth Becomes a Crime,

08-11-2011 10:51

Robert Green stands ALONE in a Stonehaven Court accused of "breach of the peace"
for reporting the TRUTH. If you can get there please attend your presence
and support is NEEDED in this landmark case

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17th of December - Access all areas

07-11-2011 15:54

Day of action against capitalist urban development and gentrification

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Flyer to download: Census court case

06-11-2011 21:41

Flyer about Judith Sambrook who's being prosecuted for refusing to complete her census form. Please print/distribute widely.

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Statement in solidarity with political prisoners on hunger strike in Chiapas

06-11-2011 09:02

There is now grave concern for the health of a group of indigenous people who are on hunger strike and fast in prisons in Chiapas, SE Mexico. They believe they are innocent, and their convictions false

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!!!This land is ours!!! A tale of land theft through violence and laws

05-11-2011 23:32

The native people from Tzalbal, Guatemala recently discovered that their land has been nationalised in 1984. At that time during the counter-revolutionary war their region was struck by genocide. The article explains how through laws and violence the state appropriated indigenous land.

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Words of solidarity with Conspiracy Cells of Fire from Russian FAI-IRF cells

04-11-2011 10:43

two letters in response to the open letter of the Imprisoned Members Cell of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire-Informal Anarchist Federation (Greece) by Informal Anarchist Federation \ International Revolutionary Front, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire: Russian Cell and Earth Liberation Front (Russia) / Informal Anarchist Federation - International Revolutionary Front....

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Harsh and psychological torture unit

03-11-2011 23:58

Here I am in the harsh and psychological torture unit (aka Close Supervision Centre CSC) at HMP Woodhill, in a high control cell with a six-officer riot unlock. You will have been reading about CSC recently in MOJUK and FRFI articles by John Bowden, Kevan Thakrar, which are all true.

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Benefit For Antifascist Prisoners In Leeds

03-11-2011 16:09

A benefit for the six imprisoned UK antifascist prisoners on Saturday 12th November.

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Mark kennedy to appear in public for documentary screening in copenhagen

03-11-2011 13:36

Mark Kennedy (mark stone) who was the undercover cop outed in the UK this year will appear in copenhagen next week for the screening of a documentary about him. many in the UK and also copenhagen have some serious beef with this guy, and comrades from the UK are invited to copenhagen to pay him a visit as they see fit. the film will be screened the 12th and 13th of november in copenhagen, and he along with the filmmaker will be making an appearance. more info about the movie at

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Please support the petition to free Babar ahmad

02-11-2011 01:50

Everyone who reads indymedia please sign this petition to correct a great injustice

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Squat news from Amsterdam

02-11-2011 00:15

Amsterdam: Persistent resistance at the 01-11-2011 eviction wave

Solidarity with the squatters in the UK!