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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Call out for action against the Northern Territory Intervention,

03-09-2008 12:24

The Northern territory Intervention, passed last year by the Howard govt in Australia, adds a whole new level of the oppression faced by Aboriginal Australia. International call out for action on the 30th of sept.

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NW // Legal support for the Carnival Against Vivisection + Bustcard download

03-09-2008 12:07

Netcu Watch have set up a legal support network for those who get nicked (and their friends/family).

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Mass stop and search of black youth, London - Bank Holiday: Video

02-09-2008 21:46

The video is from the police helicopter. The rest of the article is pretty much rubbish.

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CAR Foie gras update // House of cheese protests continue in Tetbury.

02-09-2008 18:04

Cirencester Animal Rights demo report from the House of Cheese Foie gras demonstration in Tetbury.

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London Critical Mass hassled by police.

02-09-2008 17:00

On last Friday's Mass several riders were ticketed or searched or threatened with arrest.

Video of one such ticketing:

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9 Remaining Austrian AR Activists Freed!

02-09-2008 16:11

Austrian Animal Welfare/Rights Activists Finally Freed!!!

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"Amadeu says that he will exit on his own legs, or with his feet forward" (EN)

02-09-2008 16:05

per Luther Blisset 01 set 2008 01:27:23
English translation of interview with the Mother, Lawyer, and supporter of Amadeu Casellas, anarchist prisoner on his 71st day of hungerstrike. Please spread it!
"Amadeu says that he will exit on his own legs, or with his feet forward"

Josefina Ramon, Diana Reig y Roser Iborra

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Yet another fascist attack with stabbing in Rome

02-09-2008 13:52

After the commemoration for the murder of Renato, a comrade that was stabbed to death by a young fascist 2 years ago, a group of 10 fascists attacked again in the dark and stabbed another comrade in his leg. Fascist violence is growing fast in Italy, since january 2005 til now we saw 308 fascist attacks, some of them mortal, and 142 acts of vandalism singing the praises of nazifascism.

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Pro-ISI senator defends Baluch women killings

02-09-2008 10:29

Pro-killing senator with Pakistan premier Yuosaf Raza Gillani.-- APP photo
Two Pakistan senators, one man and one woman, both close to the dreaded Inter Services Intelligence try to give a bad name to the Baluch nation fighting for independence from Pakistan. A request has been made to the Interpol to arrest the Senator Mir Israrullah Zehri for alleged killings.

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Continuing Conflicts that Create Refugees - August 2008

02-09-2008 06:36

Twelve actual or potential conflict situations around the world deteriorated in August 2008 and only one improved.

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Jailed Austrian animal rights campaigner to run for Greens

01-09-2008 22:04

The leader of the Austrian Green Party has asked an imprisoned animal rights campaigners to run as an independent candidate for the party in the 28 September election. -- 1st September 2008

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Cops attacking anti-RNC demos this afternoon, Minneapolis

01-09-2008 19:39

Macy's window meets the Black Block downtown
More photos and videos can be found here:
Another news feed from activists on the streets around the blockades can be found here:

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Up-to-minute newsfeed from Republican Convention blockades

01-09-2008 18:49

Cops gas up for it protestors
All the latest news on the streets of todays huge anti-Republican Convention from the streets of Minneapolis. Lots of stuff going on now from a 10,000 people demo, a breakaway Funk The War march, a block block roaming and breaking stuff and various sectors blockaded to prevent delegates moving around the City. Cops going in hard. Some arrests. Pepper spray and rubber bullets now being used on protestors.

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Riot Police Defend the Mall of America from workers

01-09-2008 18:07

Starbucks workers and their supporters, 50 to 70 of them, converge for a rally
today at the rail station at Lake and Hiawatha in downtown Minneapolis. The
crowd comes to stand in solidarity with Starbucks workers in their fight to
organize a union, the Starbucks Workers Union (SWU), with the Industrial Workers
of the World (IWW)*, and to escort Erik Forman back to work at the Mall of

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Minnesota cops bust ‘criminal’ RNC/FNB protesters

01-09-2008 17:56

A series of police raids that took place in the Twin Cities over the weekend, in which FBI agents and local law enforcement detained six people on suspicion of conspiracy to riot at the Republican National Convention. The detainees have not been formally charged with any crime and their lawyers are in court today seeking their release. There were no such pre-emptive arrests of protesters at the Democratic Convention in Denver last week

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Radical Response to Hurricane Gustav and the RNC: Statement

01-09-2008 17:45

Here in the Twin Cities, activists have been experiencing the suspension of civil and human rights through intolerable pre-emptive raids, and members and friends of the RNC Welcoming Committee have been on the run, seeking sanctuary from police terrorism. Now, residents of the Gulf Coast are will continue to be experiencing the suspension of civil and human rights on an even more massive scale, and seeking sanctuary not only from the weather but from a military invasion of their cities - the same kind which 3 years ago proved an even bigger calamity than Hurricane Katrina itself.

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Rushmoor defends crass half-size wheelie bin policy

01-09-2008 15:11

wheelie bins left in street
It has to be hurting. Rushmoor has been forced to issue a press release to defend its half-cock half-size wheelie bin policy.

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Demonstration / Hands off Kurdish asylum seekers!

01-09-2008 14:11

Thursday 11th September 2008 - 12:30pm - 14:30pm
Lobby of the Home Office
2 Marsham St

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Amadeu Casellas, 72 days hungerstrike - a "more political" prisoner now.

01-09-2008 13:01

In the last 6 days Amadeu Casellas has eaten no food as his protest, the ultimate protest any prisoner may undertake continues. But in contrast to the last report which noted the lack of international mobilisation and political pressure to highlight his case.

He's still in prison. So the political pressure must be sustained and increased. & it is.
A short article on what's happened in the last 6 days since the article "Amadeu Casellas, 64 days hungerstrike - a "not political enough" prisoner." was published.

"Amadeu says that he will exit on his own legs, or with his feet forward"

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Dear Lady Warnock: about this word 'bollocks'...

01-09-2008 12:54

Do I have the right to say Bollocks in public?