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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Stop police brutality: Protesting is not a crime 16 Apr 5pm Scotland Yard

15-04-2009 15:42

police baton youth at Royal Exchange Buildings, 1st April

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Save Sulukule, Historical Heritage of the Romani People

15-04-2009 14:36

EveryOne Group, Them Romano and Coordinamento Sa Phrala are asking Unesco and the European Union to intervene and help to put a stop to this destruction. But first of all, they are appealing to the Turkish Government to preserve the world’s oldest Roma settlement and to help the Roma community in its restoration.

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Anti-Police Brutality Demo in Newcastle

15-04-2009 13:38

Geordies staged an anti-police brutality demo last week in response to the polices actions at the G20, and also to highlight the acts of brutality these thugs commit everyday.

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Tonight! Cinema Libre @ The Library House

15-04-2009 13:30

Cinema Libre is a chance for people to meet up and discuss there perspectives and share and learn from others in an informal environment. Discussion is open, and we always look forward to all contributions

Each week we bring you a selection of shorts and feature documentaries in an attempt to flesh out the issues and explore the solutions and action needed.

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Parachinar: The Silent Massacre

15-04-2009 11:34

Surprisingly, at a time when the “civilized” world is on a so-called offensive against “terror”, coverage of the sorrow-filled plight of Parachinaris within western media has been periodical at best. The reasons for this are unclear. May be it is because Parachinar, fatefully, does not sit over barrels of oil; or perhaps our probing of the historical context behind these massacres will lead us to discover that Parachinar is yet another piece of anecdotal evidence of the much disregarded “blowback” stemming from the Soviet era.

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Hillsborough 1989 Remembered

15-04-2009 10:48

20 years ago I was on the way to a Roy Harper gig in Leeds totally unaware of what was unfolding in Sheffield.

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The “anti-terror” arrests in northwest England: what really lies behind them?

15-04-2009 10:25

One week after a series of high profile arrests, little evidence has come to light of plans for the mass terrorist atrocity that supposedly triggered the detentions.

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Jean-Loup Lapointe : asesino de Fredy Villanueva

15-04-2009 01:24

Jean-Loup Lapointe : asesino de Fredy Villanueva
N'oublions jamais : Jean-Loup Lapointe a tué Fredy Villanueva impunément

Lest we forget: Jean-Loup Lapointe murdered Fredy Villanueva

No sea que olvidemos: Jean-Loup Lapointe asesinó Fredy Villanueva

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Video Camera`s are cheap on ebay

14-04-2009 23:20

Given the fallout from the G20 protests in London it would appear that we should all be investing in video cameras and stills cameras.

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Cant find transport from your area to World Day for Animals In Laboratories?

14-04-2009 21:52

For those of you who don't have coaches going from your area to London on the 25th of April...

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Massive Tamil Protest Against Sri Lankan Genocide

14-04-2009 21:29

Civilians including babies are killed
The British Tamils Forum organised another massive march in London on Saturday April 11th to protest at the genocide of Tamils taking place in Sri Lanka as government forces close in on the Tamil Tigers. By the time I left around 4.15pm it stretched most of the way from Westminster to Hyde Park.
Pictures Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, All rights reserved.

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March in Memory of Ian Tomlinson, Sat 11 April

14-04-2009 19:46

A marcher argues with police about their behaviour on April 1
Several hundred people marched in silence from Bethnal Green Police Station to Bank to lay flowers where Ian Tomlinson was attacked by police. Pictures (C) Copyright 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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U.S. Prisons Used to House Muslim, Animal Rights and Environmental Activists

14-04-2009 18:18

The government is using secretive prison facilities on U.S. soil, called Communication Management Units, to house inmates accused of being tied to “terrorism” groups. They overwhelmingly include Muslim inmates, along with at least two animal rights and environmental activists.

Little information is available about the secretive facilities and the prisoners housed there. However, through interviews with attorneys, family members, and a current prisoner, it is clear that these units have been created not for violent and dangerous “terrorists,” but for political cases that the government would like to keep out of the public spotlight and out of the press.

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Rozbrat Squat, Poznan seeks international solidarity against eviction

14-04-2009 17:29

When the dark clouds over Rozbrat squat have become a real threat we decided to organize the first (but probably not the last) demonstration in defence of our space.

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government plans to

14-04-2009 14:55

Coroners and Justice Bill 2008-09

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RBS HQ in Brighton attacked by anarchists

14-04-2009 14:19

Monday 14 April, late evening.

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Ian Tomlinson CCTV evidence

14-04-2009 11:25

Previous police denials of CCTV evidence may be lies, sorry if this old news or been posted elsewhere.

(Taken from Karoo internet news page.)

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Mass arrests for thought crime

14-04-2009 10:51

A mass police raid in the early hours of yesterday morning resulted in the arrests of 114 individuals in the grounds of a Sneinton school. Those arrested have been released on bail following questioning related to “suspicion of conspiracy to commit trespass and aggravated criminal damage”. The police are saying that those arrested were “planning a period of prolonged disruption to the safe running of Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station”. The Nottingham Evening Post, in it’s usual measured and objective style, is saying that there was a “plot to attack a power station”.

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Law under section 76 - Photography, a crime?

13-04-2009 13:49

Smile, you're on camera.
The police passed a new law that says that any person taking photographs of a police officer may be considered illegal and can face fines or imprisonment up to 10 years.

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80 activists blocked the gate of a detention centre in Belgium on 11/04/09

13-04-2009 12:25

first picture
On the 11th of april 2009 eighty activists blocked the gate of the closed detention centre in Steenokkerzeel (Belgium). The action started at 5:30 AM, when activists from across the country found their way trough the fields surrounding the detention centre, and blocked the gates. The action ended around 11:30 AM when the last activists were removed by the police.