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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Lampedusa's prison for migrants burns: Picket of Italian Embassy

24-02-2009 12:38

Protests and a general strike of the residents in Lampedusa, who do not want their island to become 'a new Alcatraz'; mass escapes involving over 1000 migrants detained in the 'reception' centre; mass hunger strikes by the migrants against their deportation to Tunisia and the inhumane way they have been treated; at least 11 suicide attempts; riots that led to the Lampedusa centre (not in line with fire regulations) to be half destroyed by fire, the 17th February. The number of persons injuried may be around 80, 60 immigrants and 20 policemen. Migrants were kept locked inside the burning centre.

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Watching Them Watching Us

24-02-2009 11:18

Ever been angered by police pointing a camera in your face? Find out here what to do about it.

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Euskal Herria (by Latuff)

24-02-2009 01:28

Pais Vasco
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Police round up kids to make sure they 'Staysafe'

24-02-2009 01:22

As a test run for a project to be instated in 69 areas of the UK in April 2009, Yorkshire police stopped 1,200 children who were out at night and took them into 'police protection', before their parents picked them up. Several were also questioned by Children's Services.

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Film & Short update on outcomes of Birmingham University occupation

23-02-2009 13:33

This article has been reposted because the original film wasn't entirely uploaded via ftp. The full film should now be viewable.

The occupation at the University of Birmingham ended on 20th January on the same day it started when the occupiers decided to leave after two shifts of university security and 30 police besieged the building that evening.

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Bullied schoolboy wants Anna Bligh to address judicial corruption

23-02-2009 13:05

This article details our fight against severe school bullying and systemic judicial corruption in the Queensland justice system. And the failure by government to address my documented and corroborated allegations of judicial corruption and the complete breakdown of the rule of law.

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Hope happening - Palestine Cafe Event Southampton

22-02-2009 21:44

You are invited to the second Palestine Cafe Happening in Southampton

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Four Peaceful Anti-Vivisectionists Arrested - California

22-02-2009 20:58

For Immediate Release
February 22, 2009

Federal Authorities Arrest Peaceful Protesters
Animal Liberation Front, Other Clandestine Groups Prosper as Result

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Binyam Mohamed’s Coming Home From Guantánamo, As Torture Allegations Mount

22-02-2009 19:37

The Washington Post broke the news on Friday that Binyam Mohamed, British resident, Guantánamo prisoner, victim of “extraordinary rendition” and torture, and the subject of high-profile court cases on both sides of the Atlantic, will be returning to the UK “early next week,” according to “a source involved in the process, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak on the subject.”

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Dark Nights #5 (EU Prison Struggle & Insurrection)

22-02-2009 19:07

A new issue of Dark Nights is available for download as a PDF file, it is an anarchist freesheet covering recent repression and resistance news (4 pages, folded A3).

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Worthing Freedom March Kicks Off

22-02-2009 11:46

A REBELLIOUS 'Freedom Picnic' in Worthing, West Sussex, on Sunday (March 1) will kick off a month-long festival of liberty-related events in the seaside town.
Publicity for the 2pm event in Liverpool Gardens calls on people to "defy the drink ban" and "irritate the town wardens", while bringing "food, drink and smoking substances to share".
It forms part of Freedom March, an eclectic mix of activities, including folk singing and photography as well as more traditional meetings, which is aimed at mobilising local opinion on the topical issue of freedom coming attack from the authorities.
Four days after the picnic, Freedom for Palestine will be on the agenda when a member of the International Solidarity Movement will be speaking at a Freedom March event staged at The Grand Victorian Hotel opposite Worthing station at 8pm.
The month will also include a talk by former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Desghayes at the Labour Hall in Lyndhurst Road at 2pm on Sunday March 29 and a protest against surveillance and 'police state' powers meeting outside the town hall in Chapel Road on Saturday March 14 at 2pm.

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Australian Sovereignty: Who wants to be King and Queen of Australia?

22-02-2009 05:52

Sovereignty of Australia. SO who wants to be King and Queen of Australia?

You will note that the British Empire and High Court Australia declared the continent terra nullis, meaning that white settlers settled and NOT invaded a continent. The problem now is that they didnt set up the Constitution properly, and anyone can come invade and declare sovereignty, since its still terra nullis ;)

For historical buffs and legal afficiandos ;)

NB. Its a banana republic though

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Iraqi ‘Shoe-Throwing’ Journalist’s Trial Delayed Yet Again

22-02-2009 02:29

Muntadar al-Zeidi, the Iraqi journalist who made headlines worldwide for throwing his shoes at then-President George W. Bush, has had an interesting two months: he went from obscure journalist to international folk-hero, spent time in the hospital for injuries suffered during his arrest, was reportedly tortured, and was held completely incommunicado for nearly a month.

But mostly he’s waited… waited to see his family, waited to find out what he would be charged with, waited for his trial to begin.

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Hamas human rights violations in Gaza are unacceptable

21-02-2009 16:36

However illegal and criminal the Israeli occupation and war-crimes in the Palestinian territories, it is evident, that the principles of human rights have to be followed by all parties to the conflict, also the Palestinian resistance-organisations

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Murder of Small Farmer Rights Organizer Sparks Protests in Yaracuy, Venezuela

21-02-2009 14:25

Small farmer rights groups plan to march across the city of San Felipe in Venezuela’s Yaracuy state this Saturday to demand that the hired assassins of Nelson López, a small farmer rights organizer, be brought to justice. López, who was shot fifteen times in the back last Thursday, is the 213th small farmer (campesino) to be murdered since 2001, the year the government of President Hugo Chávez passed a sweeping land reform law which set the conditions for re-distribution of idle sections of large estates to small farmers, according to the Ezequiel Zamora National Farmers’ Front (FNCEZ), one of the groups convoking Saturday’s marches.

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Public Action Against Judicial Corruption & Institutional Failures in the UK

21-02-2009 08:19

Demonstration against Judicial Corruption, Unlawful Imprisonments, Convention Rights Violations, Institutional Failures and unaccountability in the UK; Every Week outside HMP WORMWOOD SCRUBS, DU CANE ROAD, LONDON W12 0AE; Commencing 12pm - 3pm.

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The biggest online portal in Azerbaijan- was shut down today

20-02-2009 22:49

Today, Azerbaijan saw yet again, how far the government can go in its quest for achieving full power over freedom of speech in this country.

"The site was closed for reconstruction work and will resume its work in a week" stated Anar Mammedxanov, a parliament member in his official statement on the closer of one of hte biggest news portals in Azerbaijan in Russuan and English languages- (

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Protest to take Tamil Tigers off Terrorist List

20-02-2009 22:47

There was a marching protest today in front of the White House where activists shouted out for President Obama to “help us”; meaning to take the Tamil Tigers off the terrorist list.

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Britan 2009 (are we in a police state?)

20-02-2009 21:41

Originally published at Tilting at Windmills
16 February 2009

This is not the piece I wanted to write! I wanted to write something short and sharp. This piece is neither of those. I wanted to write a simple piece about the new powers the police have today been given. This piece isn’t that either.