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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Please Help! Plea from Los Angeles.

23-12-2004 14:21

We cannot wait another 4 years to stand against the war and rampant social injustice of another Bush Administration. A coalition of social, political, and religious activists have come together to protest the coronation of George W. Bush. We invite you and all your friends and family to join hundreds of thousands in the streets of Washington, DC.

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Tribunal finds the defendants George W. Bush and Tony Blair GUILTY for war crim

23-12-2004 10:12

On the charges concerning the use of U.S. military bases in Japan, including the charge that the defendant allowed U.S. military bases in Okinawa to be used for the training of the marines for the purpose of attacking Fallujah in April 2004, and thereby aided or assisted the commission of war crimes, the Tribunal finds that the facts, that he aided or assisted the commission of such crimes for the purpose of facilitating it, not sufficiently proven, and reserves its judgment on the issue for further examination.

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The Myth of a Divided America

23-12-2004 05:39

Throughout the year the protests continued
Censored protest activity in the U.S. from March thru Dec 2004. 59 million people are not that stupid, they are being censored.

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urgent: fax to stop political activist from deportation

22-12-2004 13:56

Bangladeshi activist faces deportation on 24th Dec from Heathrow, Terminal 3, Flight GF2. Will start flyering passengers at check in at 6.30am (flight is 9.30am). PLease come if u can or fax Gulf Air on Thursday 23rd: 0208 600 1715/0208 600 7460 (model attached). He will probably be killed on his return and leaves his wife and 2 young children in the UK.
Please email for more info/with ideas.

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urgent: deportation @ Heathrow 24th Dec

22-12-2004 13:47

Political activist from Bangladesh will be deported from Heathrow Terminal 3 Flight GF2 on Friday 24th. Check in opens at 6.30 when I will start flyering passengers. The flight is at 9.30am. PLEASE come and help! Airport security means the more people the safer it is. If you can't come, fax the airline on Thursday 23rd: Gulf Air: 0208 600 1715/0208 600 7460. He has been in detention, separated from his wife and 2 children, and it is likely he will be killed on his return. Model Fax attached. email with ideas/more info.

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22-12-2004 02:45


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Bliar aids US nuke targets

22-12-2004 01:44

second USUK Fallujah massacre
UK secretly backs removal of nuclear chief
By Clayton Hirst
19 December 2004
Item from The independant shows how far the bliar poodler has gone.
How long can he last is open to question, given that poodlers tend to crack up in the end. As the poodler's own poddlers get caught out lying etc., we maty see the psychopathology play out in a suicide in the family as the awareness of his aiding the USUK atrocities in Iraq dawn.

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21-12-2004 20:20

Urgent: phone prisoners asap and especially on Tues 21st Dec when there
will be a mass phone in...

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So you think you live in a free country?

21-12-2004 18:08

The experiences of a council tax refusenik, sick of being forced to pay for services he does not receive - and finding out what the real priorities of the police are.

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Correspondence with UK government over server seizures

21-12-2004 13:53

Correspondence between Yakoub Islam, director of the Tasneem Project website, and the UK government regarding FBI seizure of Indymedia servers this October.

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Kelly speaks from Israeli prison after first week

21-12-2004 12:50

Kelly (23) from Madison (Wisc, US) was arrested last week during demonstration against the Apartheid Wall near the village of Bil'in. She is being imprisoned and deported by the Israeli Ministry of Interior because of her role as a community activist in the collective.

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Centre Point bleeds

20-12-2004 11:29

I was out "shopping" on Charing Cross Road on Sunday when I noticed Centre Point's foutain/ pond and decided to take some photos.

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Severely disabled, mentally ill: the truth about Broadmoor 'terrorist' emerges

19-12-2004 16:47

He is known to the outside world only as "P". Nearly two years ago, he was arrested without charge and imprisoned as an alleged foreign terrorist And he is an alleged terrorist who has no arms.He had had prosthetic arms but had been arrested two years earlier, and the police had broken those arms. They'd actually caused wholesale damage.

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Petition Calling For The Investigation Of Cyber Warfare By The Pentagon Against

19-12-2004 11:32

Please take a moment to demand an investigation into the Pentagon's cyber warfare project targeting dissent.

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19-12-2004 06:40

A new drugs bill introduced to parliament on 16 Dec will extend police powers, including the power to test for class A drugs simply by arrest. Those testing positive would be required to attend an assessment and follow-up appointment.

Additionally, the bill will clarify the current ambiguity relating to the legal status of magic mushrooms, making POSSESSION OF ALL PSILOCYBIAN MUSHROOMS ILLEGAL. Fresh/unprepared mushrooms are currently legal to possess and sell in the UK. Mushrooms artificially dried/prepared for consumption are currently class A. Psilocybian mushrooms are of deep spiritual value as entheogenic sacraments to many people. Their further prohibition constitutes not an increase in the repression of both freedom of spiritual belief, and of basic civil liberties. Common features of the "drug war". I hate to say it, but i kinda saw this coming around a year ago when our beloved mycolegal loophole started becoming over-commercialised :@

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Zaragoza EXPO 2008 - Activist Crack Down

18-12-2004 21:23


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What are They fighting for ?

18-12-2004 12:28

False Democracy?
Ever thought you were not given the complete picture, filling in the empty space with conspiracy theories, more lies, fantasies destroyed as reality unfolds pushing aside the lies and deceptions
,Too many questions left unanswered, imaginations fuelling speculation in the void and all we are left with is dented pride.
But we mean well
Well if your like me, I go digging and ‘looky here’ what I found

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Hopeless Lambeth council ignores trade unions and health service users

18-12-2004 11:47

Hopeless Lambeth council ignores trade unions and health service users, even though it was really hard to

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Poland-Anarchist in trouble!

17-12-2004 18:10