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Honduras: Soldiers invade radio station during live show (audio)

28-09-2009 14:19

Following orders of coup leaders, soldiers invaded the studios of Radio Globo, one of the dissident voices against Honduras coup, and shut down the radio. This is the very moment when soldiers started to slam the doors of radio during the live broadcast.

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South Africa: Abahlali under attack!!!

28-09-2009 10:33

Kennedy Road Development Committee Attacked. People Have Been Killed

Last night at about 11:30 a group of about 40 men heavily armed with guns, bush knives and even a sword attacked the KRDC near the Abahlali baseMjondolo office in the Kennedy Road settlement.

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BNP fascists using online radio to target young voters

28-09-2009 09:09

The BNP are being promoted on online gaming radio show!

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Honduras Crime Scene (by Latuff)

28-09-2009 00:55

Honduras crime scene
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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#95 | Four youths arrested and charged under the anti-terrorist law in Athens

27-09-2009 23:32

#95 | Four youths arrested and charged under the anti-terrorist law in Athens; six more warrants issued; media anti-anarchist frenzy: It must be election time!

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Has anyone seen this lad before - Vestas Security...

27-09-2009 16:12

The security firm employed by Vestas to 'protect' 'their' factory on the St. Cross Business Park, Dodnor Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight has been kept secret by both companies. It seems to employ a large number of ex-military types, who have apparently done tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia. There were a few scots to begin with, now there's a fair few geordies and one Northern Irish , plus miscellaneous others. More pics when we can...

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SHAC's Operation Liberation – Open letter and pics of cops!

27-09-2009 14:42

Cops from the Operation Liberation demo and an open letter!

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Nights of terror in Honduras (by Latuff)

27-09-2009 10:00

Terror en las noches de Honduras
Artwork based upon Angel Palacios' article "Terror en las noches de Honduras":

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Excellent report of Pittsburgh Anti-G20 black bloc protests

26-09-2009 22:16

This is on-the-spot reporting just in from the first day of the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, which has seen a great deal of spirited resistance and confrontation—perhaps as much as has occurred at any anarchist mobilization in North America in half a decade. This gushy, hastily composed account presents the context, attempts to convey the spirit of the day, and raises a few preliminary questions.

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Cape Town Militant Mzonke Poni Goes to Trial on Tuesday 29 September 2009 on a Charge of 'Public Violence'

26-09-2009 16:24

Mzonke Poni, Chairperson of Abahlali baseMjondolo of the Western Cape, is scheduled to stand trial on the charge of public violence on Tuesday 29 September 2009. The charge relates to a protest organised in opposition to state criminality against the Macassar Village Land Occupation. He has written this essay on 'public violence' in response to the charges levelled against him.

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Copenhagen Mass action against Coal Plant today

26-09-2009 16:19

Today in Copenhagen is a large mass action against a Coal Power Station near to the city. Breaking news is of one mass 'preventative' arrest of activists from one of the two blocks (green / purple) and the cops attacking another group with truncheons. A hole has been cut in the fence of the plant at the rear. The action is continuing...

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Demon in Support of Calais Migrants

26-09-2009 16:12

No Borders London call for action in solidarity with migrants in Calais!
Join us in a demonstration at 5.30pm, on Tuesday 29th September 09, outside the French Embassy.

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Banned WWF ad

26-09-2009 15:29

The WWF has pulled an ad that used images of the 9/11 attacks on the US.

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Maurice Kirk has been incarcerated for 3 months

26-09-2009 14:55

Arrested and sectioned for bringing charges against South Wales Police, now held at a secure medical facility against his will and drugged daily, under 24 hour observation.

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Honduran President Zelaya: Israeli mercenaries are planning to assassinate me

26-09-2009 14:07

Zelaya accuses the junta government of injecting toxic gas into the embassy
Three months since the US-instigated coup in Honduras, ousted president Manuel Zelaya claims being subjected to mind-altering gas and radiation. Furthermore, he fears being assassinated by Israeli mercenaries.

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Camp Ashraf Protest at US Embassy

26-09-2009 00:11

Camp outside the US Embassy
The hunger strike by 12 Iranians for 'Camp Ashraf' in front of the US Embassy in London reached 60 days. A demonstration to support the protesters will take place today, 26 September from 18.00-20.00. Photographs from 25 Sept.

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Honduras coup resistance (by Latuff)

25-09-2009 19:41

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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PRESS RELEASE- Activists Are Occupying Chief of Police Office Calais

25-09-2009 12:37

Currently, twenty No Borders activists including some from the UK are
occupying the *sous-prefecture* in Calais, demanding an immediate end to
the persecution of migrants and calling for freedom of movement for all.