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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Police Stage Arrests across Britain for Thought Crime

28-04-2011 22:20

Police arrests activists across Britain ahead of Royal Wedding, for allegedly thinking about protesting.

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28-04-2011 20:21

Camberwell social support network.

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Met raid homes of campaigners against Anti-squatting law

28-04-2011 16:11

Yesterday 2 squats and one other property in Brighton and Hove were raided by Met police from London, looking for known activists. The squats were illegally evicted and around 6-10 people arrested. They were part of a group campaigning against Hove MP Mike Weatherley's attempts to criminalise squatting

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Royal weding Hysteria

28-04-2011 08:14

The parasites' big day is nearly upon us and the rhetoric coming from the Met becomes more disturbing by the day with a benign but sinister state message warning us no protest will be tolerated but also advising supporters to monitor the weather! Human rights appear to have been suspended, civil liberties no longer matter and it’s all okay because we have 364 other days of the year to protest.

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Wikileaks: The Guantánamo Files

28-04-2011 07:42

The LGC's response to the publication of the Guantánamo Files earlier this week... + join us at our monthly demonstration "Shut Down Guantánamo!" outside the US Embassy at 12-1pm on Friday 6 May and then 1.15-2.15p outside Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park

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London Social Centres raided

28-04-2011 07:16

At least two London Social Centres raided this morning - police have broken into the Ratstar and Offmarket autonomous spaces.

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UK Judge Arrested For Treason

28-04-2011 00:39

On a beautiful day in England, we the GREAT BRITISH people, gathered outside a corrupt court in LIVERPOOL. Hundreds stood outside to withness history in the making...Roger Hayes challanged a court in Birkenhead who are trying to banckcrupt him for not paying his council. NO law has passed through parliament that says we should pay council tax.. it's all fraud. Council officials take salaries exceeding £200,000, our government is ripping us off with unlawful demands while they spend thousands of our hard earned cash claiming false expenses and payments to common purpose etc....

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Calais No Borders: stepping up the struggle

27-04-2011 17:43

AH freedom
A busy month on the border watch as activists release "Videos of Shame" to spotlight police repression; the cops hit back with more violence; ... and the struggle continues.

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Solidarity With Jock Palfreeman

27-04-2011 17:37

Show your support for Jock

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Barnardo's Detention Centre Flyer

27-04-2011 12:12

No Borders South Wales have produced a double-sided A5 flyer in opposition to Barnardo's complicity in the Pease Pottage family detention centre.

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WE Make Radical Media, You Make Adverts

27-04-2011 10:16

A corporate media group has trade-marked the phrase "Radical Media" and is trying to ban Peace News, New Internationalist, Red Pepper and others from using it in the title of a conference...

Rebellious Media Conference, London, 8-9 October 2011

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A right royal cock-up

27-04-2011 08:13

The anarchists, the press and the provocateurs

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Royal wedding hell. Your invitation to a republican revolution.

27-04-2011 01:21

You are invited to disrespect the forthcoming wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton by watching a few videos I have uplaoded to youtube.

Unfortunately I don't see how to link to the videos from this article so you may need to copy and paste the text of the links from the article into your web address bar or do a search on YouTube,

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Diaz G8 2001 - Supreme court of Appeal - Italy

27-04-2011 01:00

Francesco Gratteri - the Diaz raid commander- convicted four years
GENOA: One of the most important court cases in Italian history is the legal process for the raid on the Diaz school during the G8 in 2001. So far, this infamous event has convicted 25 Diaz police commanders and enlisted men when the Ligurian appeal verdict was announced on May 18th 2010.

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Stop Griffin speaking

26-04-2011 17:08

He's a liar anyway...

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All my cartoons in support of the brave Syrian people

26-04-2011 16:13

As civilian protesters marching for freedom and democracy are mown down in their hundreds by the pan-arab fascist Ba'athist regime, here are all my cartoons on the subject.

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US Struggles To Contain 'Arab Spring'

26-04-2011 11:27

Arab dictators depend on the support of the US to stay in power
We're nearly into May, and the Arab uprisings which have shaken US imperialism since the start of the year show no sign of running out of steam. But why would they? Though they have generally taken the form of pro-democracy movements against tyranny, those taking part are pushed forward by their material needs for food, shelter and clothing. Needs which remain unfulfilled in every case.

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Police Attempt to Disrupt Benefit Gigs in South London

25-04-2011 23:30

On Saturday 23rd of April and Sunday 24th of April, the Metropolitan Police attempted to harass and intimidate the management of two established and fully licensed venues with intelligence gathering - or 'fishing' - exercises. The two venues, both in the Borough of Lambeth in South London, were set to host benefit parties for FITwatch and London Student Solidarity Campaign respectively.

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Report from Pembrokeshire gig for Bradley Manning

25-04-2011 18:09

Report from Saturday's benefit gig held in Pembrokeshire, Wales, where Bradley's Mum and other relatives still live.

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Kettled in Brighton

24-04-2011 23:14

inside the kettle
One does not expect to get off a train and be held in a police kettle in Brighton. But that is what happened midday today.