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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Bollocks 2 Blair: Mayday 'Whiteboard Crime'/violent assault - Formal Complaint

08-05-2007 12:17

Bollocks 2 Blair - genocide is a war crime
Bollocks to the MET - mugging, assaulting and kidnapping me in front of my child.
What goes around comes around and there is gonna be hell to pay for the actions of some members of the MET!

What in God's name must the good officers of the Met think when they witness their colleagues abusing women and the law in broad daylight?

Sir Ian Blair - Bollocks to you for bringing the good officers of the Met into disrepute for your criminality! Bollocks to you!

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Send in the Clowns: CIRCA saves the day! YAY! ;) a piece of activism history;

08-05-2007 09:46

Send in the clowns:
A montage of events as they unfolded (hint: see the DVD for the live action! It is great!)

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Mobilisation against detention camps in Northern greece

08-05-2007 08:46

Greek activists against borders plan interventions in the war zone against migraants that is Evros

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New campaign on Chechnya

08-05-2007 06:36 launched its second campaign this week, calling on Russia and the international community to provide people in Chechnya with economic and psychical security.

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Tamils arrested in Australia under Howard’s draconian “anti-terrorism” laws

07-05-2007 21:25

Bogus “war on terror”
Once more, unsubstantiated allegations of “terrorism” are being used for outright attacks on basic political, legal and civil rights. These developments highlight the extraordinary scope for Australian governments to use the so-called anti-terrorist laws to exploit the bogus “war on terror” launched by Washington to target anyone considered a threat to Australian domestic or foreign policy.

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Dismissed for disclosing misconduct

07-05-2007 15:36

An academic has been dismissed from the School of Computing and IT
at the University of Wolverhampton on the grounds of Gross
Misconduct following the use of email and an online blog devoted to
bullying in academia to express criticisms and complaints towards
management and policies within the University.

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John Bowden Writes From Glenochil Prison

07-05-2007 12:08

Long-term prison resister John Bowden writes about his recent 'ghosting' to Glenochil maximum security prison, and about attempts to smear the Anarchist Black Cross as a "terrorist" and paramilitary" organisation.

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Students baton-charged at Leeds house party

06-05-2007 22:40

In the small hours of Saturday 5th May, a party in Hyde Park was shut down with extreme force by West Yorkshire Police. The party of mainly Leeds University students, was peaceful until the Police closed roads, baton-charged partygoers and set loose attack dogs. Many students were hospitalised - there are reports of head injuries, dog bites to the genitals and elsewhere, with one student suffering a broken arm.

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6 Boat Lane, Evesham raid Tuesday 1st May 2007

06-05-2007 21:29

The following is an account written by one of the people who was raided in relation to 'animal rights extremism' on May 1st 2007

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global marijuana march: 14 held in moscow

06-05-2007 17:26

protests against cannabis prohibition took place in over 200 cities worldwide on saturday

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67 years jail for Atenco leaders

06-05-2007 16:27

Key leaders of the peasant struggle in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico state, have been sentenced to 67 years 6 months in prison, in a vicious act of class revenge. Atenco was stormed in May 2006 by hundreds of Federal police, who killed two, raped dozens and injured many more. The conflict goes back to 2002 when the peasants of Atenco prevented the theft of their land to build a new Mexico City airport.

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Women in Yarl's Wood Removal Centre on Hunger Strike

06-05-2007 14:56

Women in Yarl's Wood Immigration Removal Centre are on hunger strike protesting against SERCO's draconian regime.

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Help Send Books and a Bookmobile to Cuba!

05-05-2007 19:33

The US embargo on trade with Cuba continues. This summer Pastors for Peace will again challenge the blockade with a friendship caravan. A fully stocked bookmobile will accompany it. Before the revolution there were only 32 libraries in Cuba. In 2002 there were 400 public libraries and 6000 school libraries. Cubans are avid readers and life long learners but Cuban librarians struggle to meet their needs under the blockade. We urge you join us in sending books to Cuba!

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SOCPA - stephen jago trial - full report

05-05-2007 17:06

steve's banner that led to arrest
stephen jago appeared at horseferry road magistrates court on monday and friday this week, and judge purdy found him guilty of demonstrating without authorisation but acquitted him of assaulting a police officer. he intends to appeal against the conviction for which he received £100 fine and £100 costs.

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"Died for freedom." a short film:

05-05-2007 10:28

"Remember that day"
A film to remember that day; 1989 June 4th, Tianenmen Square, Beijing.China.

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SHAC Takes The Flak: Flimsy pretext for arrests of animal rights activists

04-05-2007 20:12

In yet another hammerblow aimed at the animal rights movement, police made 32 arrests across the UK in the early hours of Tuesday morning in 'Operation Achilles'. Assistant Chief Constable Adrian Leppard of Kent Police says the arrests are "one of the largest, if not the largest, police operation that has targeted animal extremism in the UK." Three properties were also searched in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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“A seagull stole my defense, sir...”

04-05-2007 18:36

Two activists from Manchester to stand trial in Brighton for aggravated trespass at edo mbm arms manufacturers last July

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First they came for the animal rights activists

04-05-2007 11:49


On Tuesday thirty people were arrested for alleged involvement in "extremism" in dawn raids carried out across the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. Predictably the media are lapping it up , providing extensive quotations from the police, with minimal analysis. This time, however, it isn't Muslims they're after, but animal rights activists. This ought to be worrying and not just for people involved in animal rights activism.

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Thousands of spoilt ballot papers.

04-05-2007 06:50

There was voting chaos last night in Scotland.