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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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SOCPA - judge trashes human rights "because she can"

11-09-2006 19:34

judge wright, when asked by barbara tucker's barrister why she was setting bail conditions that were unprecedented and 'unheard of', replied 'because i can'. today, the simple action of standing alone with a banner decrying blair's war-crimes has been criminalised not just in the designated zone, but even elsewhere, on penalty of imprisonment. this is way beyond even the original contentious socpa powers and marks a further sinister attack on protest.

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Canadian PM Harper becomes bagman for Bush, Rove & RNC

11-09-2006 16:54

President Bush and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper have now been fingered in the softwood lumber money laundry.
Harper allowed a $500 Million dollar deal to go forward at the expense of all Canadian citizens.

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Is Venezuela A Threat To US Security?

11-09-2006 14:03

A brief analysis of United States' influence and interference in the domestic affairs of Venezuela since the coming to power of President Hugo Chavez Frias in 1998, in light of recent allegations that Venezuela is harbouring terrorists.

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Leeds Palestine Film Night: "Goal Dreams"

11-09-2006 11:26

Map to the Common Place
Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign Presents:
Film Nights at the Common Place Cinema
Join us for a fortnightly film and discussion night
At the Common Place, Wharf Street (off Kirkgate) Leeds City Centre
Wednesday 13th September 7 pm:

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Australia: Channel 10 may get Wakely-Award over 9/11 'truth' film

11-09-2006 08:44

Are there no standards we can expect from other channels? Have they no sense of shame for trying to cover up killers against the memory of those cruelly murdered five years ago by maniacs in the White House?

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The Smoking Bums!

10-09-2006 21:35

I'm going under
It's wrong but I want it to be right!

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Mind Control In America

10-09-2006 20:49

This video explores the history and impact of Mind Control in contemporary America

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Two NUJ journalists ejected from Blair school visit

10-09-2006 16:14

Two NUJ journalists are ejected as Prime Minister Tony Blair visits St. John's Wood, North London.

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Women in Black vigil for Palestine

10-09-2006 11:56

A WOMEN IN BLACK VIGIL FOR PALESTINE to draw attention to the continuing and increasing emergency in Palestine will be held on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 17TH 2.30-4PM BONN SQUARE QUEEN ST OXFORD. Please support this vigil. (Women and men welcome to stand in the silent vigil, hand out leaflets or be on the stall) Please wear black if possible if you intend to stand in the vigil. Banners and placards are provided

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10-09-2006 07:27

Following revelations from the US that the neocons orchestrated the attacks for 911 as an excuse for its raft of invasions in the US. I also have lots of questions about 7/7. What has happened about a proper enquiry? Why were a group of Israeli's told not to come to a meeting in Liverpool St on the morning of the bombs as reported in the Evening Standard but not followed up? Why was the police getting its information from the media and working out its response accordingly? If Tony Blair is so closely allied to George Bush and thinks nothing of innocent people dying in Iraq and Lebanon, why not here? What were security people doing working out what to do if a bomb was on the tube only weeks earlier. For the US story, see the following:

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Thoughtcrime in Britain’s Ascendant Police State

09-09-2006 20:03

The latest bit of media hyperventilation surrounds the supposed discovery of an “Islamic school in the Sussex countryside, where it is alleged night-time training exercises were staged,” according to Mike Sullivan, billed as the Sun’s “crime editor.”

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Brighton Police Attack on Demonstrations

09-09-2006 19:57

Starting with violent attacks on demonstrations against the EDO bombs factory, Brighton Police - under their Divisional Commander Kevin Moore - swamped the last demonstration against the bombing of Lebanon, harrassing demonstrators, especially Arabs and Muslims and videoing everyone present. Moore later declared the march anti-Semitic.

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SOCPA steve and barbara banned from designated zone!

09-09-2006 19:40

barbara tucker and steve jago appeared in court on friday. this summons was from a 'report to the crown prosecution service' of their alleged 'unauthorised demosntration' outside downing street on the 2nd july.
in a restriction of their human rights they are on conditional bail not to enter downing street or parliament square

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SOCPA - brian haw in court next tuesday

09-09-2006 19:25

brian's judicial review was turned down by the high court, so his trial for breaching socpa conditions last may (before the police operation to clear most of his display) will commence at marylebone magistrates court at 10 am on tuesday. supporters welcome outside the court from 9.30

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Will Clinton, Berger and Albright threaten the BBC with a libel suit?

09-09-2006 18:28

As you know, the BBC is planning to show Disney/ABC's defamatory "Path to 9/11" program in the UK on Sunday. I'm told by a friend that under UK libel laws there is no public person defense and damages and costs can both be in the millions. And, "British libel laws are considered pro-plaintiff, meaning that the defendant must prove that she or he did not commit libel."

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Institutional racism and torture in Austria

09-09-2006 15:28

Place in Vienna were Bakary J. got nearly killed by the Police
A trial against four police men, who tortured a man that resisted his deportation on 7th of April 2006, has been ended without any consequences on 31st of August 2006 in Vienna. Though the Cruelty was confessed by the officers, three of them were sentencd to 8 months on probation and another officer to 6 months on probation.

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British National Party moves into life insurance business

09-09-2006 11:32

Second-hand car businesses that mysteriously fail, printing businesses that never get off the ground, expensive renovations to an invisible bus, a record business that produces rubbish records sung by Nick Griffin and his entourage - and now life insurance. Is there nothing the BNP won't do to con money out of its supporters?

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The Law is an Ass, by Philip Ruddock

09-09-2006 10:18

Philip Ruddock, Australian Attorney General, announced today that a broader range of people in the Australian community (non-Muslims) are to be targeted as “terrorists!” Ruddock also stated that persons who are not ‘terrorists’ need not be alarmed as his new wider classification should not concern ‘them’(?)

Australian citizens are left to conclude that the determination of who exactly is a terrorist has become an arbitrary prerogative of the Attorney General and his gang of enforcers! Whatever happened to due process, innocent until PROVEN guilty? {God help that journalist who stepped on Ruddock’s toe, he will be the first to go!) It is not coincidental that the Bush regime also found due process to be an inconvenience. Ruddock’s logic and methods reek of neo-con methods, Guantanamo (Torture) Bay and Bush regime criminal methodologies have found expression in Oz.

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3 Arrested at Blair Protest

09-09-2006 09:44

3 just arrested in London

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Bliar war crimes arrest delayed pending No. 10 eviction notice

09-09-2006 05:25

BLIAR with his No.100
Bliar war crimes arrest delayed pending No. 10 eviction notice.
Cambell/Bliar "45 minutes" report may be used by anti-bushorc and wingnut prosecutors.