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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Edinburgh before the storm...

01-07-2005 20:36

Some photos from the parliament and Queens' palace in Scotland.

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Irish buses arriving in Scotland stopped for one hour by cops

01-07-2005 18:45

The Irish buses have been stopped by poice coming off the ferry for one hour for intensive search and so they can videotape everyone.

See for blog

For audio interviews with Irish dissent crew on the buses see

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Gay demo against Bromley homophobia (July 30th)

01-07-2005 16:05

In response to Tory run Bromley (London) homophobically 'banning' civil partnership ceremonies.A local group is holding a demo. (Tory leader M.Howard refuses to intervene here or over the 'ban' on the gay Rainbow Flag in Soho, where everyone else is allowed to fly there 'logo' etc..)

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Police visit the Dissent! Info point in Edinburgh

01-07-2005 15:48

At 15:00, on the Friday 1st July, 6 police officers paid a visit to the Dissent! Info Shop (Leith Walk). They stood outside for 30 minutes, pjotographing people and taking notes before going away at 15:30. Here are 2 statements from Dissent! volonteers staffing the space:

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Pictures From Insitute Detainments

01-07-2005 15:23

Officers Making Unlawful Detainment
On 30.6.05 several detainments and searches and thefts were carried out by the police at the Institute of Autonomy. Here are several pictures with captions of the event.

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Hacker Activist Raided by FBI re:, publishes Hacktivist zine

01-07-2005 03:21

Chicago FBI agents raided and seized all electronic equipment in Jeremy Hammond's apartment in an investigation regarding the hacking of has published a hacktivist magazine describing their experiences and what they've learned over the past year regarding online security culture.

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30-06-2005 23:42

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion, recorded from a shortwave radio. With times and freqs for listening at home. 2 files- broadcast and slow-modem streaming. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Cuba, Spain, China, and Russia.

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Accommodation situation in Edinburgh

30-06-2005 22:53

Jack Kayne Centre?!!!
On Friday the first of July at 4 pm, we will meet at the spokescouncil in Teviot Building Student Union, Bristo Square, Edinburgh to decide collectively what alternative options we have.

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First Aid Training in Edinburgh

30-06-2005 18:05

Friday 1 July
Learn: How to be safe at an action
How to prepare yourself and your friends
How to treat commonly seen injuries and illnesses
How to decontaminate from crowd-control chemical weapons
How to care for yourself and your friends after the protest

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G8 press accrediation refused to freelance journo

30-06-2005 14:48

London based freelance journalist and film maker with an assignment to cover the G8 summit in Scotland has been refused press accrediation after vetting by police. No reason or justification has been given for the refusal which could easily been seen as state interference in freedom of expression under article 10 of the human rights act.

The journalist involved has no convictions and is a full member of the NUJ who had applied for official press accreditation to attend press conferences at the G8 summit over a month ago.

Around 3,000 journalists are expected to attend the G8 summit where they will out number delegates by two to one. The journalists who will attend have been hand picked by the state.

Stay tuned to indymedia for something other than corporate state sanctioned celebrity obsesed press coverage of the G8.

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Police Surround London Institute for Autonomy in Preparation for G8 Summit

30-06-2005 13:23

It appears that police have just surrounded the Institute for Autonomy squat and are illegally detaining and searching its occupants, seizing personal documents and openly talking about the searches being conducted in preparation for the G8 Summit. At the request of a friend, I am posting all the information he has sent me so far.

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The Principles of Socialism

30-06-2005 13:22

It is very likely that the hour is late, that capitalism will soon perish. It will happen sooner or later and if it does happen sooner, we have to be prepared. We need to debate the principles of our coming revolution; the principles of socialism.

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G8 police repression already started

30-06-2005 12:40

Police repression has already begun in the run up to the G8 summit protests.

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Day 9 of UK Detained Zimbabweans Hunger Strike

30-06-2005 12:20

Hunger strikers 'bullied' by centre staff
Immigration officials were accused last night of bullying Zimbabwean detainees in an attempt to break their hunger strike. Alleged ringleaders of the protest have apparently been moved into solitary confinement.

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30-06-2005 11:56

… Zimbabwean Asylum Seekers

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FIT intimidation at rampART

30-06-2005 11:32

The Forward 'Inteligence' Team spent the morning harassing members of the Infernal Noise Brigade who where staying the night at the rampART social centre in east London before continueing their UK tour on route to Scotland.

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DHS kicks of new offensive against activists

30-06-2005 02:54

in a recent online ruse to draw out elf/alf/uglf (Environmental Liberation Front/Animal Liberation/Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front)supporters, sympathisers, activists and organisers by the Department of Homeland (in)Security (DHS)JTTF by planting a false flag post on New York City's Independent Media website.

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The Black Bloc are in Edinburgh!!!!!

30-06-2005 00:50

Well not exactly.
This still was taken from 'Black Sun Over Genoa' which is showing at the Edinburgh festival theatre from tommorow for 3 days before moving to Glasgow. There will be a full review appearing on this newswire very soon. In the meantime I'm happy to report that it's worth seeing and it's only a fiver if you are in town for the G8 marches.

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30-06-2005 00:27

As you all know, on 27th July 2005 at about 5.30 the police seized Bristol Indymedia’s server. The server was seized as part of an investigation. However, it’s natural if people have doubts on the nature of the seize:

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Greece: Kurdish refugee stops hunger strike

29-06-2005 20:50

With a statement issued today (29.06.2005) Bahoz explains why he stoped his hunger strike.