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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Emile must stay!

06-05-2005 12:43

My name is Emile Youmbie De Souzato; I was born in Yaounde capital of Cameroon on 31/01/77 and was raised by my mother as my father left us when I was very young. We lived in a poverty stricken area and were eventually forced to live on the streets, as my mother was unable to support us financially. I was bullied as a child and tried to earn money to support us but it was very hard.

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Funeral for Civil Liberties at Lancaster May Day

06-05-2005 00:13

flying the flag
A funeral procession for civil liberties, dressed in Guantanamo style uniforms and led by the Grim Reaper in chains, joined Lancaster's May Day celebrations to point out the decline of civil liberties in the UK including internment, deportation and repression of protest.

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Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State

05-05-2005 17:12

Alex Jones' new documentary, "Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State" is available!

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Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State

05-05-2005 16:56

Alex Jones' new documentary, "Martial Law 9-11: Rise of the Police State" is available!

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Imc Italy seized? Bah!

05-05-2005 13:15

English translation of the feature about the new attack against IMC Italy

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Brighton Solidarity with Aachen 4 Defendants

05-05-2005 11:39

No more State Torture! No more Repression!

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Meeting about proposed new jail for asylum seekers

05-05-2005 09:32

Find out more about repression of innocent people on your doorstep.

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Tony Blair's time is over

05-05-2005 05:18

The least that should happen to this War Criminal is that he loses his post. A War Crimes Tribunal, and the seizing of his personal assets should follow.

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Association for the Prevention of Torture

05-05-2005 03:59

Persons deprived of their liberty are most at risk as they are cut off from the outside world and solely dependent upon the authorities for their most basic needs and rights. The OPCAT offers a novel approach as no other international treaty provides for concrete steps to prevent these violations from occurring within places of detention worldwide.

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04-05-2005 19:35

Today was the Annual General Meeting for shareholders of BAe SYSTEMS PLC, (the corporation formally known as British Aerospace).

BAe SYSTEMS produce weapons of mass destruction and torture implements, both of which they sell to governments with attrocious records on human rights.

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Saddam Hussein Gives Don Rumsfeld a Smackdown!

04-05-2005 16:17

While the April 2005 meeting wasn't Donald Rumsfeld's first with Saddam, it will certainly be his last if these minutes, leaked to the Egyptian Magazine al-Usbu' by "a reliable American source", are accurate.

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IFJ launches press freedom/civil liberties report condemning "war on terrorism"

04-05-2005 12:52

On May 3rd, Press Freedom Day, the International Federation of Journalists together with Statewatch, launched a new report on the impact of the war on terrorism on civil liberties and press freedom.

Dopwnload full pdf report:

Statewatch website:

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Mayday 2005 Video: Police Create "Bubble" Trapping Protestors - Hackney

04-05-2005 12:17

Videoclip showing a rolling series of successive aggrevations as police try to force protestors into a "bubble" near to Tescos, Hackney.

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Injustice Screening in support of the Mikey Powell Campaign for Justice May 27

04-05-2005 11:45

Moving Forward Together 'staying focussed - keeping up the struggle'


(Mikey Powell died on September 7, 2003, in police custody in Handsworth, Birmingham)

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UK Electoral Disenfranchisement

04-05-2005 08:24

The following letter to the Guardian on the subjct of electoral fraud and disenfranchisement was not published by the Guardian:

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Father of slain soldier plots UK “regime change”

04-05-2005 04:36

The Prime Ministerial race isn't as locked as certain people would have you believe. Get into the streets NOW. Watch the postal votes and exit polling.,15803,1475251,00.html

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03-05-2005 22:56

The Arrestee
A person was arrested on Mayday at the Tesco action and is looking for people who witnessed his arrest, and are wlling to write statements of what they saw,photographic and video evidence is welcome and much needed...

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03-05-2005 21:37

If your against the Invasion of Iraq, If your against the Occupation of Iraq, If your against the killing of 100,000 Iraqis by U$ and British forces, If your against attacks of Civil Liberties, then come down to Brighton, Defend the Right to Protest and support the Smash Edo Campaign!

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Darfur “die-in” at Downing Street

03-05-2005 18:09

400,000 murdered, three million refugees and rising. Call for UK, EU & UN action to stop the genocide in Darfur.

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Personal Account of EuroMayDay Action in London

03-05-2005 16:43

Why was the police so violent during Sunday's MayDay action in Hackney?