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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Another mysterious death of the Turkmen art activist

16-01-2006 12:08

The society of the capital is in deep shock of the murder of Svetlana Dzhafarova – the national artist and the art director of a well-known dance group “Mengli”. She was murdered on January 13th, 2006 in Ashgabat.

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Houses Demolished in Turkmenistan: Happy New Year!

16-01-2006 12:04

New Year’s «house warming parties»
Turkmen authorities have arranged a "cheerful" new year to inhabitants of capital. On December 28-30th, 2005, in three days the two 30-room houses on Turkmenbashy Avenue and some houses on Garashsyzlyk Street have been taken down.

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An applicant of political asylum, political prisoner in France!

16-01-2006 03:48

An applicant of political asylum, Akash Mirza, profits from a similar French treatment that of his country, Pakistan

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Slaughter in Bajaur

15-01-2006 11:08

This indiscriminate attack on the villagers in Pakistan is just one more example of collective punishment and it is another event that is, by any standards, a significant and major war crime.

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Story from Fallujah

14-01-2006 18:18

This is a 500 word article about the awful civilian suffering in Iraq, especially in the city of Fallujah.

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Brighton group to march on Grosvenor Square

14-01-2006 17:31

A BRIGHTON campaign is taking part in a national march on the American Embassy to call for justice for British residents held in Guantanamo Bay, the US concentration camp in Cuba.

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Indymedia Radio London news Wire Shows Nov 2005 until Jan 4th 2006

14-01-2006 00:07

Listen to 8 Indy Media London news wire Shows which were broadcast on Resonance FM 104.4
The Indy Media London News Wire show airs every wednesday between 1.00 and 2.00 PM on Resonance FM104.4 or is streamed at the same time on

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Stop UN's plan for a new massacre in Haiti

13-01-2006 23:40

Dear friends and allies,
I hope you are all well. I have been in the Dominican Republic the
few days, visiting Haitian migrant workers and human rights
working with migrants here. I will be returning to Haiti tomorrow
morning, and meanwhile, quite a storm seems to be brewing there.

Please have a look at this announcement. It is quite shocking, but I
think urgent action might be needed over the next few days:

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Haiti's Deadly Class Divide: Class war takes on a new meaning in Cite Soley

13-01-2006 21:09

Port-au-Prince, January 10/06 - Driving into Cite Soley on January 8th,
the day Haitians were supposed to go to the polls in a presidential
election, there is no mistaking the fact that we are entering an
zone. The streets are almost deserted, the atmosphere tense, and UN
armored personnel carriers patrol the streets.

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Political Prisoners Rot in Haitian Jails While Canadian Politicians Lie

13-01-2006 21:04

--My meeting with So Anne Auguste by Aaron Lakoff

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New Home Office Scheme Against Asylum Seekers

13-01-2006 16:45

The Home Office has cynically introduced a new scheme in an attempt to remove asylum seekers. Instead of the 'stick' of using enforced poverty and destitution against people seeking asylum in the UK, the Home Office has started using 'carrots' - offering asylum seekers bribes to give up their claims. But the scheme does not guarantee safety - or that anyone taking up the 'incentive' will actually get any money.

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Out-thinking, not out-fighting them (with art)

13-01-2006 14:17

Visionaries, 'idealists', and others daring towards their desires must move beyond shared powerless feelings. We are here for a reason, we have created and are creating our crucial projects. Understandings of reality and its origin are the keys to open the illusively impossible doors of fear and perpetual, everyday war. This article, with art included, goes over important truths while escaping 'Us vs. Them' constructs and at the same time promoting spirited *resistance consciousness*!

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NO2ID meeting in Southampton

13-01-2006 12:26

After the last meeting in Southampton another meeting has been called to oppose ID cards. New ideas for how to organise the campaign locally and what measures/actions we should be taking are welcome.

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13-01-2006 08:53

Commemoration of the 6 month anniversary of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menzes. Please support this event by coming to it with friends and also spreading the word.

Sunday 22nd January 2006 1 p.m. Stockwell Tube Station

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Police wounded and business premises bombed in Turkey

12-01-2006 16:57

The DHKC (Revolutionary People's Liberation Front) of Turkey has issued statement no. 351 claiming responsibility for two attacks. The statement says they are a reprisal for 28 prisoner deaths in December 19-22, 2000, and for 120 deaths since then opposing the use of solitary confinement in Turkey's prisons.

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URGENT Action Alert: Protest Against Colin Powell Fundraising for Raci

12-01-2006 15:55

On Sunday 15th January, former U.S Secretary of State Colin Powell will be guest speaker at a fund- raising dinner being held by the Jewish National Fund (JNF) in London.

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full court report on socpa trial and mysterious side issues

12-01-2006 02:00

at bow street magistrate's court today, after three days of evidence and deliberation, magistrate nicholas evans found the four defendants guilty. they were charged with participating in an unauthorised demonstration within the designated area around parliament on the day the act came into force, the 1st august last year. one defendant was additionally found guilty of willfully obstructing police in the course of their duty.

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Colin Powell is coming to Manchester

11-01-2006 23:25

Colin Powell is coming to the Manchester Hilton to attend a Jewish National Fund (JNF) Fundraising Gala Dinner on Tuesday 17th January.

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BBC reporter gives evidence at G8 police trail

11-01-2006 22:22

BBC reporter Bill Hayton appeared as a prosecution witness today, in the trial of police over the Diaz School raid during the G8 in Genoa in 2001. He has written what will be his one and only story for the BBC on the trail because the corporation have sent another journalist because, of course, they need an "unbiased observer".

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socpa trial ended today in guilty verdicts all round

11-01-2006 18:26

the trial of four defendants accused of participating in an unauthorised demonstration in the designated area around parliament on the 1st august last summer ended today with all four being found guilty. full court report to follow shortly.