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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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solidarity demo for Thessaloniki prisoners in Athens

11-07-2003 23:23

"The passion for freedom is stronger than any jail cell."
About 700-800 anarchists demostrated today in downtown Athens, in solidarity to the people arrested (some of them still in jail)in the events of Thessaloniki.

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Demo against Ariel Sharon's visit to London - 14 July 2003

11-07-2003 20:24

There will be a demo against the Occupation and Ariel Sharons Visit to London on 14th of July 2003 (5.30 pm - 9pm). He will be meeting Tony Blair for Dinner at Downing Street. Please come along. Bring banners, placard, flags, whistles. The louder the better.

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11-07-2003 16:39

Letter recived from Simon CHapman from Thessaloniki's prison

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BVEJ News July 2003

11-07-2003 16:03

Latest BVEJ newsletter now on-line.

BVEJ - BVEJ mail server - BVEJ website - Iraq -
DU munitions - 9-11 - Brian Downing Quig - Evian G8 -
Amazonian indigenous communities face violent military repression -
Wichi under threat - Argentina - Argentina Autonomist Project - Piquetera Tour -
Iceland - BP National Portrait Awards - Eight facts BP would rather you didn't know -
EU Food Supplements Directive - Vitamins can seriously damage your health -
EU Constitution - Criminal (in)Justice Bill - Farnborough Airport -
Farnborough town centre - Pavilion - Rotten Borough of Rushmoor

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Baku-Ceyhan Campaign

11-07-2003 15:29

PROJECT ENTERS THE FUNDING PIPELINE : The countdown starts now! 120 days to
stop banks using YOUR money to pay for big oil.

BP has now formally asked for funding from the World Bank (IFC) and the European
Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for its controversial new Caspian
oil pipeline (BVEJ newsletters passim). This means there are just 120 days
before their decision is made. The banks call this 120 days the public
consultation period so we all get a chance let them know what we think of the
BTC pipeline.

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Request for Info Re: Thessaloniki Solidarity Actions

11-07-2003 12:45

Please post info about actions that took place yesterday (Thursday 10th July) in solidarity with those imprisoned in Thessaloniki because of their alledged role in the actions against the EU Summit last month.

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Play WMD to feed starving children

11-07-2003 12:25

Kill time not kids is the message at

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IDF Prevents Farmers from Accessing Crops Beyond the Apartheid Wall

11-07-2003 00:01

Despite Promises:IDF Prevents Farmers from Accessing Crops Beyond the Apartheid Wall:For more information on the Wall of Apartheid see

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Congo Settling into Peaceful Routine, Hope Beginning to Rise

10-07-2003 21:25

After a civil war lasting nearly five years, involving seven foreign armies and producing up to 4.7 million deaths, it appears a lasting peace might be on the horizon.

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Palestine: ISM Update On Arrested Internationals

10-07-2003 20:21

Please help us protest the planned deportation of these international peace activists. Call, email, and fax the Minister of Interior

report from 10, July 2003 3PM EST. 4min39sec

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! ! ! STOP THE PRESSES ! ! ! - ! ! ! STOP THE PRESSES ! ! !

10-07-2003 19:34

Someone in the ""US Government", seems to think it would make a bad
image if Democracy's bush and cheney, truly knew before hand, of the
ACTUAL evidence they repeatedly sited, but didn't tell US publicly of,
all so they then could steal billions in an attempt to destroy our
freedoms while killing The People as not represented in their decision

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State terrorism and impunity: the murder of Santi Brouard

10-07-2003 16:38

On 20 November 1984 two gunmen walked into the medical practice where Santiago Brouard worked; he was a paediatrician and a leader of the political party Herri Batasuna. Right from the beginning, a sense that the murder had been committed by members of the state security forces under the acronym GAL (Antiterrorist Liberation Groups) was clear.

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Palestine (ISM) benefit - BRIXTON, WINDMILL, SUNDAY JULY 27th

10-07-2003 14:08

Details of an all day Palestine benefit for ISM (International Solidarity Movement) to be held on Sunday 27th July at the Windmill, Brixton. For more details go to the website

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Help Build a "West Bank Wall" in Manchester to Expose Israeli Apartheid!

10-07-2003 11:42

Against the wall of silence
Against the apartheid wall
We raise our voices.

Demonstration Against the Israeli Apartheid Wall

Saturday 12th Albert Square 2pm Central Manchester

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DEEPCUT officer Leslie Skinner charged with male rape and sexual abuse of recrui

09-07-2003 22:09

Following the mysterious deaths and suicides of DEEPCUT army recruits spanning over a decade. 45yr old Leslie Skinner has been charged with male rape and the sexual abuse, assault and harrassment of DEEPCUT army recruits.

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09-07-2003 20:20

Today is the fourth anniversary of the brutal repression of student protests by the mad mullahs of Iran. Many of the internal protests have apparently been called off after clear signs that the mullahs intended to create another Tiananmen-like massacre.

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Charges Dropped Against Alleged Coup Plotters

09-07-2003 15:37

Insufficient evidence exists to pursue charges against 16 military officers accused of inciting an uprising against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, reports South American media (Background Report).

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09-07-2003 08:20