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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Prison Was Created For The Poor - New Pamphlet From Leeds ABC

10-09-2007 17:11

A new 32 page pamphlet from Leeds Anarchist Black Cross

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10-09-2007 14:08

Leonard Peltier
Please sign this! He's been in for thirty years now!

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FIT Watch Bingo For DSEi

10-09-2007 09:04

Have fun cop spotting at DSEi.

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!950's Uncle Sam Revisited Newly Reconstructed for a Contemporary Audience.

09-09-2007 20:43

A Tale of Paraphilia, CIA/CIA Proxy Torture, the Churches, the Judiciary, the Medical Profession, Mass Media and Mass Psychosis.

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*Call for Solidarity* - Eviction and Social Cleansing in France

09-09-2007 14:41

Here below is a call for solidarity for a recent treat of eviction of more than 80 families beacause of the
social cleansing for the Rugby World Cup taking place in Paris. As already many evictions experienced
in London for the preparation of the Olympic Degeneration ( an many more evictions to come).

"Fair Play for Housing Rights: Mega-Events, Olympic Games and Housing Rights".
published on 5 June 2007 by the ‘Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions’.

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Another Metropolitan Police Authority whitewash attempt.

09-09-2007 07:04

Apparently, the death of Jean Charles de Menezes was not caused by a police 'Shoot to kill' policy, it was caused by terrorism.

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Copenhagen Update September II

08-09-2007 16:12

69 small...
More news from Copenhagen - 69 peaceful demos totaling thousands of people, US embassy warns against activists and preparations are underway for big squatting action in October.

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Fueling rising alcoholism in Iraq

07-09-2007 21:39

"Iraq has one of the worst treatment and follow-up regimes for alcohol abusers in the Middle-East,"

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Statement from John Bowden

07-09-2007 14:26

After an international campaign in support of John Bowden and in defence of the Anarchist Black Coss, John is to be returned to open conditions.

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NWO wet dreams fall apart at the seams

07-09-2007 12:35 for A3 version
To get a real grasp of just what the NWO is up to (basically eradication of up to 80% of the world's population 'by any means necessary') it is necessary to delve into the deepest horrors of psychopathy. Start here:-
Meanwhile, to neutralise their sick hold over the world it has become vital to investigate their self-admitted 'gigantic hoax' (quote: Nicky Rockefeller, Oct 2000).

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Demo at high commission demanding release of Bangladeshi political prisoners

06-09-2007 23:39

There was a demonstration outside the Bangladesh high commision in London today to protest against the manner in which student protests are being crushed in that country and also against the arrest and torture of academics on bogus charges of incitement. The protests occuring in Bangladesh against the 7 month old non-party caretaker government are as a result of the inhumane uprooting of roadside traders, markets and slums, the continually rising price of essentials and the privatisation of many industries at the dicate of the egregious IMF and World Bank.

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Southampton new No2ID group

06-09-2007 13:45

The second meeting of the new Southampton NO2IDGroup was held on Wednesday 5th September 2007.

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Dutch Fascism & Bush-Arroyo State Terrorism Attack Filipino Refugees

06-09-2007 00:19

Dr. Carol P. Araullo, with Rep. Satur Ocampo, in a people's rally in Manila
Colluding with U.S. and Filipino reactionaries, Dutch fascist authorities arrested Jose Maria Sison, a Filipino political refugee, and raided the National Democratic Front International Information Office in Holland last Aug. 27. This is a clear example of State Terrorism working on behalf of predatory imperialist capital. All progressives and democrats everywhere should protest this outrage and support the Filipino people's struggle for justice, equality, and true independence.

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Together We Are: Event in remembrance of Mikey Powell and support of Tony Ford

05-09-2007 22:14

Press release - 5 September 2007
Together We Are: Event in remembrance of Mikey Powell and support of Tony Egbuna Ford

4WardEver, in conjunction with the Mikey Powell Campaign and Indymedia Birmingham, are staging an eventful night on September 7th at the Rainbow, Digbeth, Birmingham to mark the fourth anniversary of Mikey Powell's death.

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Guantánamo: UK refuses to prevent return of Ahmed Belbacha to torture in Algeria

05-09-2007 21:50

A letter from the British government explains, but does not justify the government’s refusal to prevent the return of Guantánamo detainee and British resident Ahmed Belbacha to Algeria, where he faces the risk of torture.

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Another Day, Another False Flag Op Foiled

05-09-2007 20:54

Once again, we are expected to believe a handful of patsies—excuse me, “terrorists”—were capable of taking out a U.S. military base, this time the Ramstein air base in Germany, but thanks to the diligent work of Germany’s “special police officers,” these America-hating miscreants were apprehended before they attacked.

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Indigenous women murdered in Ecuador.

05-09-2007 19:35

Puyo, Ecuador

Gloria Ushigua and Rosa Gualinga, two indigenous leaders, were attacked on Sunday August 26, after months of receiving death threats for their efforts to protect the territory of the Zapara people in the Ecuadorian Amazon. They were beaten until unconscious, thrown in the trunk of a car, and later, apparently, left for dead.

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What the case of Pegah Emambakhsh teaches us

04-09-2007 23:12

The case of Pegah Emambakhsh has revealed that Europe has abandoned a long time ago the road of the respect for human rights. The fear for the fight between the different culture and the suspiciousness towards the others has slowly sunk our civilisation in a cultural and social swamp. People see enemies everywhere. The values of the freedom have been replaced from those - ambiguous and dangerous - of the security.

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Call for the immediate release of five university teachers of Bangladesh

04-09-2007 18:32

Five senior University Professors in Bangladesh were arrested on the 24th August on alleged suspicion of organising the recent violent clashes between students and police. All the teachers have constantly rejected these allegations.
Please join the demonstration to stop this gross violation of Human Rights on Thursday, September 6 at 3:00pm outside the Bangladesh High Commission.