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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Steve Pound MP on SOCPA - Radio 4 Christmas Repeal - Vote now!

27-12-2006 09:35

Milan Rai and Maya Evans reading out the names of the dead in Parliament Square
Radio 4 is running a Christmas Repeal listener vote, and the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) is one of the candidates. Steve Pound, Labour MP, was on the Today programme this morning talking a load of bull about SOCPA, but he was forced to admit that Maya Evans and Milan Rai should not have been convicted under the Act. This jolted me out of my apathy to go and vote and to send a comment to Today (below).

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'Can you spot the villain in the veil?' asks Daily Star

26-12-2006 20:56

"Can you go one better than Britain's security staff and spot the villain in the veil?" the Daily Star asks its readers.

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Gates visited Baghdad to quell US soldiers mutiny in Anbar

26-12-2006 09:12

Iraqi military sources told the newspaper that the reason that the American Secretary of Defense Robert Gates visited Baghdad urgently after two days he received his new post as a Defense Minister; is to extinguish a military mutiny carried out by American VI battalion based in Anbar, after refusing to obey orders and prefer not to leave their base in Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province.

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SOCPA - a cold christmas in parliament square

25-12-2006 14:57

brian's christmas tree
brian haw maintains his peace vigil in parliament square and is there today with supporters including steve jago and barbara tucker.

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ID chip implants, other repression proposed by Blairites

25-12-2006 09:43

Chip implants, forced biochemical manipulation, state-sponsored vigilantism, psychological abuse of prisoners, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant repression, and "rationing" of alcohol are among the repressive measures being mooted by the Blairites, to counteract a feared "rise in crime" they admit is mainly caused by neoliberal economics.

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movilizaciones masivas del EZLN en 5 caracoles, solidaridad con Oaxaca y Atenco

25-12-2006 02:02

Exigimos la salida inmediato del autodenominado gobernador de Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. Y también Policía Federal Preventivas, porque sólo están generando más torturas, represión, maltratos. Son los verdaderos criminales y responsables de lo que está sufriendo el pueblo de Oaxaca.

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Plane Stupid Newsletter #6

24-12-2006 16:41

“This is a deeply traumatized community which has been lied to for years and years by the aviation industry and one political party after another. There is a litany of broken promises. I wonder just how you might feel if you had endured all this for years! I am so angry I am almost incandescent with rage at the immorality of it all.”
- A resident of Harmondsworth, near Heathrow

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Alleged Liquid Bomb Plot Credibility Crumbles

24-12-2006 15:02

The alleged ringleader of a much vaunted plot to blow up multiple transatlantic airliners using liquid explosives has been cleared of terrorism charges and of being a member of any terrorist group, rendering August's terror scare another hyped creation of government scare mongering.

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Links for MI5 Research

23-12-2006 17:16

For the second time in less than 24 hours, I try to open a bookmarked site that I'm using for some research on the 'war on terrorism', only to find that it's been taken down. Luckily, there are such things as Google Cache (Google takes a snapshot of each page it examines and caches (stores) that version as a back-up). The site this time ( was a good collection of links on the MI5 for interested researchers. The cached version is here, but the page is also reproduced below - you know, just in case...

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Al Qaeda greater than Nazis says Sir Ian Blair

23-12-2006 12:42

Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, today told the press that he considers Al Qaeda to be even greater than Hitlers Nazis in terms of threat to civilian life. Although Sir Ian admitted that he had no intelligence, relating to a specific attack, he warning of possible outrages this Christmas saying that the threat was "unparalled and growing".

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Council's attempt to seize man's home thwarted

23-12-2006 12:11

Attempts by the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor to seize a bungalow that a local man was renovating have suffered a temporary setback.

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List of Exhibitors at the Counter Terror World Exhibition

22-12-2006 23:02

Earlier this month, London's Olympia hosted the first Counter Terror World exhibition, at which companies and countries from around the world "shared with each other lessons learned in the war on terror." The official website of the exhibition ( has been taken down and now re-directs to So the information that the site provided (list of exhibitors etc.) is not available on the web any more. Therefore, we reproduce some of that info below.

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New police clampdown - on Halloween masks

22-12-2006 19:37

Recycle or burn - masked protest in 2005.
A couple of months back, some people protesting against landfill at Hafod Quarry in North Wales wore Halloween masks and blockaded the gates. One of the protesters has now been issued with a fixed penalty notice under Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986.

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Report exposes European complicity in CIA torture flights

22-12-2006 19:29

The European parliament has produced a report on the complicity of European governments in the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) practice of extraordinary rendition—the illegal transferring of detainees to locations where they stand a high risk of being tortured. Issued in draft form on November 28, the report will be debated in the European parliament in January 2007. It finds 11 European nations had knowledge of flights carrying detainees to secret prisons and overseas torture chambers, including Britain, Germany and Spain.

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US-based interests push enforced circumcision agenda

22-12-2006 11:30

In a concerted and well resourced media campaign, circumcision enthusiasts based in the United States have attempted to dupe us all into believing that male circumcision is a magic bullet for HIV prevention. Whatever your own view on circumcision, this campaign for enforced surgery crosses lines of ethics and consent that are fundamental for personal freedom.

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The AIR Campaign is launched

22-12-2006 11:07

Yesterday a new campaign was launched in responce to a government report. It's time to start demand emancipation for non-carbon based intelligent beings, now! The government paper warns of a "monumental shift" coming as robots develop to a point where they'll reproduce, improve and think for themselves - making them more developed than most humans.

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Outrage against police brutality comes to Wall Street

22-12-2006 09:08

Photo 1 *
Protestors march toward Wall street Thursday, Dec. 21, 2006 in New York. Several hundred people demonstrated near Wall Street on Thursday to protest the shooting of an unarmed black man by police officers in Queens. The march in Manhattan's financial district was the latest in a series of protests over the death of Sean Bell, who was killed last month by a fusillade of police bullets as he left a Queens nightclub hours before he was to be married.

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Australia Complicit in CIA Bali Bombings: Community

22-12-2006 02:10

Community blame the CIA
[There is] no doubt whatsoever of the CIA's involvement and the complicity of the Australian goverment and that view is shared by us and by our counterparts in Indonesia.

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OutRage! Gay Nigerian deported by Labour

21-12-2006 17:11

OutRage! News Service Dec 21st.

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High Court rejects Jean Charles de Menezes family appeal

21-12-2006 17:05

On December 14, three High Court Judges unanimously rejected demands for a full investigation into the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to rule out criminal prosecutions of the police officers who shot dead Jean Charles de Menezes at a London Underground station on July 22, 2005.