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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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banksy art theft - metro article comment

21-12-2006 16:47

anyone else care to comment? this metro article about banksy art theft reminded me of another theft by men in yellow jackets. i thought it worth commenting.

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2 Barcelona anarchists facing trial - Solidarity needed!

21-12-2006 14:30

Ruben and Ignasi facing trial on January 11th 2007 - We urgently ask for international solidarity. This trial is a direct attack on the anarchist movement in Barcelona, in the form of a repressive measure against two individuals who have been involved in supporting prisoners and fighting against the State.

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Pot Cultivation in Today’s America

21-12-2006 03:48

It’s official, marijuana represents the USA’s most lucrative locally grown product – at $200 billion/annum, corn, wheat and potatoes are chicken feed. While U.S. borders seep various powdered imports it’s good ol’ home grown pot that makes the bankers smile. The USA is drowning in contraband and the negative social ramifications of the neo-PROHIBITION of unenlightened conservative beliefs – when will they ever learn?

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State of Mancunia

21-12-2006 01:53

Manchester poet fined under draconian “police state” psuedo laws.

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Freedom of thought is a 'limited right' says PM

20-12-2006 21:35

The Prime Minister's office has said that "freedom of thought and conscience" are limited rights in response to online petition calling for halt to erosion of civil liberties.

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UK ID cards U-turn

20-12-2006 19:15

The UK government has revised its plans for a national compulsory biometric identity card. The original proposal was for a new 'clean' central database to hold all personal information - name, date of birth, NI number, address, biometric data (iris scans, fingerprints, DNA) as well as your immigration status, medical and criminal records. And everything else too.

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Busted, for grassing on terrorists

20-12-2006 12:57

A psychology professor at Florida International University, five years in prison for conspiracy to become an unregistered foreign agent. His wife who also worked at the university, faces up to three years in prison for concealing her husband's participation in that conspiracy. The two are scheduled to be sentenced February 27.

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Close Torture Bay

20-12-2006 06:35

January 11, 2007 -- Citizens to target illegal Detention Centre

The world today is in no doubt as to the criminal status of the illegal detention centre of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The past three years have not only witnessed unprecedented assaults on the founding principles of the USA by the Bush regime, but also on international law and convention. The government of the USA is clearly rogue, a fact in which its officials delight. The contempt the neo-cons display for their own citizens is only exceeded by the extreme disdain they exhibit toward the international community. Each day that Guantanamo Bay remains operational is a day of unspeakable psychological horror, torture and injustice.

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Indymedia Watch Censors Comments

20-12-2006 04:14

The self proclaimed watchdog of indymedia sites has disabled comment on his blog in response to comments criticising his hypocritical campaign against the indymedia - criticism which he described as a 'spam attack'.

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55 mile walk from Brighton to London ends in SOCPA showdown.

19-12-2006 23:19

3 Brighton activists marched the 55 miles for 3 days from Brighton to Whitehall to deliver letters to Downing Street and postcards to the foreign Office demanding the release of Brighton resident Omar Deghayes from Guantanamo Bay.

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"Oaxaca Libre!"

19-12-2006 22:39

Local school-children caught a large dose of ‘Zapatismo’ in Edinburgh city centre on Saturday, when they spontaneously joined a UK wide week of action to raise much needed awareness of the ongoing and systematic repression of Mexican people in Oaxaca amidst an almost total lack of media coverage in the western mainstream press.

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Terrorism, Security Business and Britain

19-12-2006 18:49

"The airlines, as owners [of airports], would be sensitive not only to the direct impact on their profits, but the indirect impact as a result to unhappy customers who chose alternative modes of transportation."

This is suggested by Joseph Stiglitz, former US Council of Economic Advisers, in a Financial Times article. In this, he discusses the UK airports "debacle" of this summer, triggered by the discovery of the terrorist plot to blow up aircraft. He argues that the BAA (British Airport Authority) lacked efficiency and sufficiently trained staff for security checks. So airlines should own the airports so they can modernize security measures with the latest equipment and new highly trained staff.

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Failing councils are creating gravy trains for consultants

19-12-2006 18:12

Failing councils, lack of accountability, democratic deficits, are creating a gravy train for consultants, whilst at the same time reinforcing the lack of accountability, the democratic deficit.

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Council attempts to seize retirement home

19-12-2006 16:42

Chingford Avenue
The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor is trying to seize a bungalow in Farnborough from a local man that he has earmarked as his retirement home.

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Falsified Records Aid 9/11 Coverup

19-12-2006 12:20


On May 16 2004, I published an article entitled “Media published fake passenger lists for American Airlines flight 11”. The article was revised on Sept 20, 2006. The article revealed that the mainstream media had fabricated passenger lists for the alleged flight American Airlines 11. I say “alleged flight”, because official flight data from the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics indicates that no such flight existed on the day.

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Smash the royal wedding

19-12-2006 11:58

Movement Against the Monarch (MAM) is preparing their glad rags for the street party of the centuary, a right royal knees up on the event of the wedding of Prince William and his college shag Kate Middleton. With the eyes media turning on this grand royal distraction it is the perfect time to agitate people on the iisue of abolishing these parasites once and for all.

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piquet against repression in chile

19-12-2006 02:31

Land and freedom to all political prisoners
In support of all the political prisoners mapuche.

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Just What is happening to the English Magistrates Courts system...?

19-12-2006 01:03

Magistrates courts were once a place where the accused would sit on a bench to face the magistrates. Now many magistrates courts in the UK contain glass enclosures (docks) reminiscent of those used in the Saddam Hussein trial. So what is going on?

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Opt-out of the national NHS database

18-12-2006 23:13

The NHS database promises to be the biggest of the states big brother databases, but of course those with money won't be one it since they use private doctors, it's for the rest of us... There is a campaign to encourage people to opt out, read on.