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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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2 Anti-Cuts Protestors Arrested on Police Evidence

23-04-2011 17:34

HSBC Protest
Police in Newcastle have stepped up repression against anti-cuts protestors, as two of the three activists arrested on UKUncut day of action last December have been found guilty and fined. The importance of a high profile political defence campaign cannot be underestimated, as the police increasingly encroach upon our democratic rights.

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The Battle of Stokes Croft

23-04-2011 16:09

Around 10pm on Thursday 21st April, people from Stokes Croft and St Pauls in Bristol, reacting to blatant provocation, started attacking riot police gathered from three different forces with glass bottles. What ensued was seven hours of constant clashes; police charges, volleys of glass, brick and concrete, burning barricades and the trashing of a much-loathed Tesco recently forced on a community who for so long battled to stop it opening.

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Barnado's telethon 26/04/11

23-04-2011 11:54

Phone the UK's latest prison profiteers! Ring them on Tuesday 26th April to protest against their involvement in detention and deportation!

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22-04-2011 10:30

see picture

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squatter riot in st pauls, bristol

21-04-2011 23:10

a violent eviction by riot cops of "telepathic heights" on cheltenham rd, bristol instigated a mini riot in bristol this evening.

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To Farm or to Die, Resist the Iron Mine! Indonesian Embassy Visit.

21-04-2011 16:35

indonesian emabssy banner
On the afternoon of Thursday the 21st of April 2011 we visited the Indonesian Embassy in London, UK to deliver a letter to the Indonesian Government in Jakarta. This was done in solidarity with the people of Kulon Progo, whose lives and land are threatened by the Iron Sands Mining Project being carried out by the Australian Mining Company PT Indomine and the Indonesian State.

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Request by New Zealand Human Rights outsider to appear before UN committee

21-04-2011 05:41

Human rights omissions in the New Zealand Bill of Rights were designed to strongly favor a Pakeha/Maori 'tribal' elite partnership under the Treaty of Waitangi and to created a 'tribal New Zealand'. The results were tragic - New Zealand lost its human rights innocence - there was a major tragedy at the bottom of the social scale also including many 'tall poppies' from all social classes and all born out by the social statistics.

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Two anti-cuts activists found guilty on police evidence!

20-04-2011 14:50

Photo One
Setback for anti-cuts movement as Mark and Patrick found Guilty on Police Evidence! Financial Appeal to support Right to Protest!

After a two day trial on the 28th and 29th of March 2011, Mark and Patrick were found guilty, and heavy fines totaling £760 were imposed.

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Ian Tomlinson inquest

20-04-2011 12:05

Significant dates:

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Report from Bradley Manning event Sun 17 April

20-04-2011 09:03

Giuseppe Conlon Hall
60 plus people attended a public meeting and gig for Bradley Manning on Sunday 17 April in Harringay. Speakers included anti-war activists from the US, former SAS soldier, Iraq veteran and war refuser Ben Griffin and there was an address on video from human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce who was unable to attend the event. Musicians included Dublin singer songwriter Joe Black, the Bow Creek Ramblers Old Time String Band, Kiwi blues artist John McLean and the multi-talented American Catholic Workers.

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Royal Wedding: Engineering a Spectacle

18-04-2011 16:13

Armageddon: booting a window
Open the scene for the Royal Wedding, a beautiful union between two wonderful twits. And it’s everywhere - Daily Hate, Torygraph, Evil Standard, Sun, CNN. According to some news sources, anarchist forums are “buzzing” with plans to disrupt the wedding – um, well, no, not really. So, why the hype?

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Ratcliffe protesters encouraged to appeal

18-04-2011 13:19

The 20 protesters convicted of 'conspiracy to commit aggravated trespass' at the Ratcliffe power station are being invited to appeal because of Mark Kennedy's involvement (link below).

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Dissident Island Radio 15 April - ready for download

17-04-2011 18:53

Temporary Autonomous Art // WAG // Ian Tomlinson inquest // Counter Olympics Network // London Mexico Solidarity Group // Freddy Frog

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World Day for Animals in Laboratories 2011

17-04-2011 17:23

A New (Old) Militant Spirit At World Day for Lab Animals 2011.

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Students Start Petition re. the Guardian's Reporting of the 26th March Demo

17-04-2011 11:55

Frustrated with how, after big protests, almost all major papers put out biased reports - acting as mouthpieces for the police and politicians, rather than telling people what really happened, students have started an online petition against the Guardian, calling for an apology for their reporting of the protest on March 26th.

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UG#541 - Outing Prison 1 (Mass Incarceration Is The New Jim Crow)

16-04-2011 08:24

This week we hear author Sasha Abramsky and professors Viviane Saleh-Hanna and Michelle Alexander on the US incarceration industry, or as they call it, the "Prison Industrial Complex". How can a country which used to style itself the "land of the free" lock up far more of its own population than any other country? Why has the US prison population exploded? And what is the connection with racial segregation and Jim Crow?

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UG#547 - Outing Prison 2 (FASD and What is Prison For Anyway?)

16-04-2011 08:18

This week we continue our investigation into the incarceration industry. Firstly, a look at FASD, a congenital brain deficiency caused by mothers who drink excessive alcohol while pregnant. Second, a speech by prison reformer Vivien Stern on how the terrifying reality of the prison system in UK. We conclude with a rebroadcast of a section from Charles Eisenstein on 'life under contract' about the deeper reasons behind the push to incarcerate ever more of the population.

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rule britania - teenage riots

15-04-2011 21:58

desperately hip but entertaining documentary about student protests now online.

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Dissident Island Radio - Episode 80 - 9pm tonight

15-04-2011 16:09

Ian Tomlinson inquest // WAG announcement // Counter Olympics Network // TAA // Freddy Frog

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Victims of BAYER Contraceptives to appear at Shareholder Meeting

15-04-2011 14:28

Several victims of contraceptive pills are to speak at the BAYER shareholder meeting, which takes place in Cologne/Germany on April 29. About 4,000 stockholders and the BAYER board will participate. Last year BAYER generated sales of 1.65 billion Euro from its contraceptive products.