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Dutch police officer, who shot Rishi Chandrikasing, acquitted/Licence to kill

11-01-2014 02:36

The acquittal of the Dutch police officer, who shot unarmed Rishi Chandrikasing, a Dutch
citizen of colour, is an absolute scandal. Cop claimed self defence, while Rishi was running away,
didn't try to reanimate him [he was living after hit by the bullet] and shot when moving [against police
instruction]. But it fits a long tradition of Dutch police violence, racist or other.
A broad protest in society is necessary. No Justice, no peace!

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Anti-fracking defendants found not guilty as movement grows

10-01-2014 11:42

Eleven anti-fracking campaigners have been found not guilty after a three day trial at Brighton Magistrate's Court.

The defendants had been arrested on the 2nd day of the protests against Cuadrilla's exploratory drilling Balcombe last summer while sitting on or around a log which had been dragged outside the gates to the Cuadrilla site.

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Irish Artists Create Welsh Festival Honouring Whistleblower Chelsea Manning

09-01-2014 17:14

A visit to Ireland last November by the Welsh family of imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning, has inspired the setting up of new festival in Wales. ‘The Manning Truthfest’ was conceived by award-winning Irish actor and playwright Dónal O’Kelly after he heard Manning’s family speak about the soldier’s 35 year prison sentence for providing Wikileaks with material exposing what many believe to be U.S war crimes in Iraq.

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Mark Duggan murder: How the establishment did cover up a political killing?

09-01-2014 08:48

Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley challenged by protesters outside the court
It takes one very simple sentence, to explain -how- an Inquest Jury in the High Court, erroneously produced the widely reported media headlines, that Mark Duggan was "lawfully" killed by the Metropolitan Police.

The Judge improperly -directed- the Inquest Jury, over what could be called evidence, and the Duggans' lawyers, did not properly challenge that.

Ultimately if the Duggan family had proper legal representation, a European Court ruling, would lead to the proper verdict of unlawful killing.

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The Myth of Turkish Secularism

08-01-2014 19:13

Map of Turkey
If Turkey is ever to be secular, it must allow the free exercise of all religions – including Islam – and guarantee the rights of the faithful to be free from harassment and compulsion.

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They're Dun Blaming me cuz now I'm exposing Them.

07-01-2014 09:56

Video Video
Child sexploitation and the Unethical legal and Elicit drugs trials and trades

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Documentary film: Prison World

31-12-2013 15:56


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International Solidarity Hunger Strike for Syria

30-12-2013 19:32

MOADAMIYA, SYRIA, December 29, 2013: The Food Justice Baton Is Passed to the World by the Hunger Striker of Syria, and We Shall Uphold It

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Coca-Cola publish photos of protest against themselves

28-12-2013 21:45

Photo from CokeZone of anti-Coca-Cola demo for Russian LGBTQ+ rights
On Saturday December 21 ten human rights activists launched a surprise demonstration against Coca-Cola, at the Coca-Cola truck marketing event in Brighton, United Kingdom. The group were demanding that Coca-Cola, as a sponsor of the coming Olympics in Sochi, break their silence on Russia’s homophobic laws. This week, Coca-Cola published official photos of part of the demonstration via their CokeZone website.

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EZLN Support Bases in San Marcos Avilés, Chiapas, Mexico, Denounce Aggressions

28-12-2013 16:20

A renewal of the attacks on the Zapatistas in the community of San Marcos Avilés. Report by the human rights centre published.

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Global Noise Demo: New Year’s Eve 2013/2014

25-12-2013 12:13

Inside and Outside Prisons, Jails, & Detention Centers around the World

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Bristol: graffiti/solidarity action @ Clifton Cathedral

24-12-2013 14:39

Early morning mass was blackened this Christmas eve for the catholic Cathedral in Bristol's wealthy Clifton neighborhood. Overnight we glued locks on their doors, spraypainted "without god", "without law", and anarchy symbols on the grand exterior and signed "queers x".

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The Many Faces of Nelson Mandela

23-12-2013 18:40

This is a review of Danny Schechter's new book on Nelson Mandela who sadly passed away so recently. The review is written by author and historian Alan Wieder.

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German police eating stones in Hamburg

23-12-2013 14:12

Saturday December 21 in Hamburg, saw a big demonstration for Rote Flora and refugees from Lampedusa.

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Philippines’ Foreign Debt Payments Dwarf Relief Aid After Typhoon Haiyan

20-12-2013 15:24

More than a month after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, the country has paid approximately $900 million in debt repayments—more than twice as much as it’s received in pledged aid from countries around the world to support the recovery effort.

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Metropolitan Police Crowd Control Barriers....

20-12-2013 07:26

Metropolitan Police Crowd Control Barriers
.... can be surprisingly useful :)

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Law: U.K. jury asks if U.K. soldiers are ... terrorists

19-12-2013 12:03

University of London law student Mohammed Gul
When a jury asked if it was the U.K soldiers who were the terrorists, instead of a young lawyer on trial, as a terrorist [for "glorifying terrorism" !!] the Judiciary refused to address the legality of the U.K wars of aggression.

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A question of the full extent of complicity in Child exploitation BY THE MEDIA

17-12-2013 19:11

I have two recordings here made today early evening 17/12/2013 I ask for a public announcement from CELCIS here in Scotland to end the secrecy in Secret Courts and Tribunals and state and religious institutions

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For once, a huge police mobilisation didn’t beat students up! - #copsoffcampus

12-12-2013 22:25

As more than a thousand students and supporters marched through London yesterday, a massive police mobilisation shadowed and chased them without resorting to violence. As a result, the march remained fluid and peaceful. It would make sense that the next step is to stop wasting public money and deploy few or no police in future.