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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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Is Recent Jailing of Anti-HLS Activists a Call to Action?

31-01-2009 19:14

Is Recent Jailing of Anti-HLS Activists a Call to Action?

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Bayer Day of Action in Chile

31-01-2009 18:33

As part of the Day of Action against Bayer, we protested in front of their building. Workers and neighbor companies were informed about what Bayer is related to if they are customers of HLS, a shameful crime against innocent animals in the name of profit. As usual, people were shocked to see those terrible pictures in the placards.

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The horrors of Israel's peace

31-01-2009 10:19

What can we conclude from Israel's unilateral offer of a ceasefire? Under what conditions will it resume its brutal destruction of the Palestinian population? The terms that the Palestinians must accept, according to Israel, if they wish to avoid another brutal round of destruction are these: to remain silent under conditions of occupation; and to resist the impulse to resist the occupation.

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Public Action Against Judicial Corruption and institutional Failures

31-01-2009 09:05

Demonstration Against Judicial Corruption, Unlawful Imprisonments, Human Rights Abuses and Institutional Failures in the UK. Every Saturday commencing from 12pm – 3pm outside HMP WORMWOOD SCRUBS, DU CANE ROAD, LONDON W12 0AE.

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Free Gaza Activists Welcomed Home as Heroes, then Join Protest

31-01-2009 08:10

Donna and Darlene Wallach at a weekly Gaza demonstration in San José
After spending six months in Gaza and Cyprus working tirelessly to defy the Israeli blockade of the Palestinian territory and defend Palestinians from military attacks, two San Jose residents found upon their return that the protests that they had helped start had mushroomed a hundred-fold in response to Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

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Guantánamo - Obama could do better

31-01-2009 00:17

Obama has yet to make any commitment to dismantle the key components of George Bush's attack on human rights

Scottish-based human rights group Scotland Against Criminalising Communities and the Scotland Stop the War Coalition are giving a cautious welcome to orders signed by President Obama today to close Guantánamo Bay and to put an end to some of the harshest interrogation techniques. But we are dismayed that Obama has so far made no commitment to permanently abandon trial by the notorious Military Commissions and that his comments during the signing ceremony indicate that some Guantanamo prisoners may continue to be held indefinitely without trial. We think Obama could do better. He needs to be a great deal firmer in dealing with the legacy that George Bush has left him.

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South Wales Anarchists say 'Kill the Mosquito!'

30-01-2009 14:35

If you're under 25, there's a good chance you've have your ears the Mosquito, a nasty device that emits a very loud, high-pitched noise. Howard Stapleton, the inventor, has made an even louder model and a cute version for the child-hating homeowner. Stapleton's company Compound Security Systems Ltd is based in Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales.

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Join Tibetans and supporters and protest Wen Jiabao’s visit to the UK this weeke

30-01-2009 08:33

Join Tibetans and supporters and protest Wen Jiabao’s visit to the UK this weekend

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Artillery barrage kills 44 civilians, 178 wounded in 'safety zone'

29-01-2009 21:02

Todays Shelling
ICRC Have confirmed hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed since the weekend. The Sri Lankan government have been firing multi barrel rocket launchers into the densely populated area, agreed by the government as the safety zone.
Sri Lanka Army (SLA) stepped up indiscriminate artillery barrage towards the heart of 'safety zone' since Thursday noon killing at least 44 civilians and causing injuries to 178, initial reports from Vanni said. The shelling has targeted Chuthanthirapuram 100-housing scheme, where at least 7 civilians were reported killed. 16 civilians were reportedly killed and scores wounded near St. Antony's Church in Chuthanthirapuram.

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FIT teams stopped from filming on Gaza march

29-01-2009 16:40

Forward Intelligence Teams on the Gaza march on Saturday faced their toughest opposition to date, as people from the march joined Fitwatch activists in blocking police cameras.

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Sri Lankan Tamils Solidarity Demonstration, London - this Saturday

29-01-2009 13:25

Sri Lankan Tamils Solidarity Demonstration - This Saturday
31 January 2009
Starts: 13:00
Location: Millbank
(Nearest station Vauxhall or Pimlico)

March to Parliament Square

Called by the British Tamil Forum

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Manchester tipped for ID 'beacon area'

29-01-2009 12:36

The Home Office has said today that Manchester is being considered as a 'beacon area' for the introduction of ID cards, ie. it is to be one of the first places where mandatory ID cards will be introduced for British citizens.

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The Sri Lankan Government's Genocidal War

29-01-2009 04:20

ICRC Have confirmed hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed since the weekend. The Sri Lankan government have been firing multi barrel rocket launchers into the densely populated area, agreed by the government as the safety zone.

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Unfolding Humanitarian Crisis in Sri Lanka Don’t Let This Become Another Darfur

29-01-2009 03:24


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(Cambridge) Statement on the behaviour of the university authorities

29-01-2009 01:07

This is the statement issued by the general assembly of the Cambridge law school occupation about their imminent threat of eviction.

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Update on law school occupation

29-01-2009 00:51

At about 9pm the university closed the doors of the occupation not
allowing anyone to go in any more. A statement from the university was
distributed inside stating that the occupiers were trespassing (but of
course no injunction -- therefore not making it an actual legal issue
yet.) A group of about 50 people were outside to show their
solidarity, including lots of people who had left the occupation to be
present at the CUSU (student union) meeting where motions relating to
the occupation were discussed.

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Trial against two spanish Euromayday activists postponed

28-01-2009 20:07

This is a continuation of an earlier report:

Teh courtcase is postponed to April, apparently, and there was a supporting demo in Sevilla. Here are infos in spanish, maybe someone could translate or summarise them in English, pleeeze?

Video (Interviews, demo):

Pics demo:

Messages of support:

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Cox 18 Eviction / Primo Moroni archive: Milan struggles

28-01-2009 17:55

After the recent dubious illegal eviction of the long-standing COX 18 social centre in Milan, a big worry has been the (hopefully temporary) loss of the space holding the amazing Primo Moroni archive. Below, relatives of Primo (who died in 1998) outline their outrage at the crap eviction and bullshit from the Mayor of Milan, Moratti

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National Zimbabwe MDC meeting in Nottingham

28-01-2009 17:06

Nottingham MDC (Movement for Democratic Change) played host to MDC representatives from the UK and Ireland for a day of political talks and fund raising. Hebson Makuise, Chief Representative for the MDC in the UK and Ireland was in attendance to spearhead talks on continuing diplomatic negotiations with Robert Mugabe and with the international community.

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Taking photos of Police to be considered a crime..

28-01-2009 09:25

I joke not..

The relationship between photographers and police could worsen next month when new laws are introduced that allow for the arrest and imprisonment of anyone who takes pictures of officers 'likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism'.