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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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United and Strong Anti-fascist benefit Sat 29 Nov

26-11-2008 10:08

United and Strong - Anti-fascist benefit
A late night of loud music and cool politics

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Agenda Security

25-11-2008 18:22

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ID Card Protest at Lunar House, 25 Nov 2008

25-11-2008 17:42

Lunar House, a 1970s block rented by the Home Office
London NoBorders and No2ID organised a protest at Lunar HOuse, Croydon, London, HQ of the Borders and Immigration Agency to mark the introduction of Biometric ID cards today, 25 Nov. Pictures (C) 2008, Peter Marshall.

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More revelations about secret shoot-to-kill policy at de Menezes inquest

25-11-2008 17:24

The inquest into the shooting of innocent Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes on July 22, 2005, has revealed more about Britain's secret shoot-to-kill policy. Jean Charles was shot nine times in the head at Stockwell station by anti-terrorist squad officers following-up the failed explosions on London's transport system the previous day.

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ID cards will lead to us all being fingerprinted

24-11-2008 23:13

Press release from NO2ID on the introduction of “ID cards for foreigners”

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ID 'reading' machines on Canada and Mexico borders

24-11-2008 22:16

USA Today reports that border guards along Mexico/US and Canada/US borders have begun use of machines that can remotely read biometric chips in ID cards of travellers.

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Rushmoor heaps praise on Pavilion

24-11-2008 17:17

According to the local comic, the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has heaped praise on Pavilion Housing Association.

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St Modwen claim Farnborough redevelopment complete by Christmas

24-11-2008 17:02

Rok Construction pile driving
If the local comic is to be believed, the demolition site that is all that is left of what was once Farnborough town centre will be open for Christmas shopping by 2009.

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Council puts CCTV in couple's bedroom

24-11-2008 14:43

A couple with learning disabilities, living in a 'residential family centre', have had to invoke the Human Rights Act to have CCTV switched off in their bedroom at night.

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London moot on Baluch issues proposed

23-11-2008 17:49

Baluch in Dubai remember Nawabzada Bala'ach Marri--Picture courtesy locals
On the occassion of the first death anniversary of Nawabzada Bala'ach Marri, member of the Baluchistan state assembly who was killed during his struggle against Pakistan army, strikes were observed all over Baluchistan. Texas-sized Baluchistan was annexed by Pakistan against the wishes of its people in March 1948. The state has witnessed five bloody uprisings.

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Greece – Commemoration day of the student revolt in 1973 turns to Riot

23-11-2008 16:30

Greece – Commemoration day of the student revolt in 1973 turns to Riot

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Right to the City at the LSE

23-11-2008 16:27

The broad purpose of the event is to strengthen our network, build solidarity and consider concrete actions necessary to strengthen civil society's response to the ongoing crackdown. We will consider the politics of police power, surveillance, prisons and detention, aswell as possibilities for liberation from this 'open prison' society we now inhabit. Lefebvre's Right to the City, collective control of public space and housing will all be considered. Please come along and help us to connect traditonal HR activists with planners, housing and wider migrant support networks.

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24-hour hunger strike for Burmese political prisoners, Wed 26 Nov, from 9am

23-11-2008 13:44

Wednesday 26th November

Place: Parliament Square, Westminster, London (Tube: Westminster)
Time: 9am 26th Nov to 9am 27th November
Reason: Burmese Student Leaders were imprisoned for 65 years by Burmese
Military Dictatorship. We urge UK Government and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to take serious action on this issue

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Ricky Bishop and Economic Development Protest, Brixton 22 Nov

23-11-2008 12:21

March assembles in Brixton
The 'Ricky Bishop and Economic Development' demonstration organised by The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) marched from Brixton to Peckham on Saturday, holding several rallies including one outside Brixton Police Station. Pictures copyright © 2008, Peter Marshall.

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Lauren Booth presentation at Islington Town Hall

22-11-2008 19:36

Lauren Booth will talk with George Galloway at Talk Sport from 10pm to midnight, about the situation in Gaza under siege and her plans for Aloha Palestine a ferry to Gaza.

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Fundraiser - 'Certain Days' Prisoner Solidarity Calendar 2009

22-11-2008 18:13

Calendar front cover
‘Certain Days’ Prisoner Solidarity Calendar 2009
A 42-page, full colour calendar packed with writing, art and campaign/solidarity info relating to US political prisoners and related projects. The calendar is an educational & fundraising project by solidarity activists in North America, and 3 long term US political prisoners who have so far served 95 years in prison between them. All proceeds go to The New York State Task Force On Political Prisoners; Addameer; and The San Francisco 8. See for more info

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Scottish parliament vote against ID

22-11-2008 17:15

Members of the Scottish Parliament have voted overwhelmingly against ID cards, but the Scottish parliament has no jurisdiction over ID cards.

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Anti terror raids in France on the 11th november 2008

22-11-2008 15:56

In the early morning on the 11th november the french police conducted one of the biggest police raids in the latest history in the name of counter terrorism against the left in france. The police searched several buildings and appartements in Paris, Rouen, Limoges, the La Meuse region and in the village of Tarnac in central France. During this raid ten people were arrested and taken into custody, nine of them are now confronted with serious charges of terrorist conspiracy and malicious mischief. The official reason for the raids are sabotage actions on the high speed train (TGV) network conducted with grapples in the night of the 7th to the 8th november in four different places in France.

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Roma threat from far-right in Czech Republic: ERIO’s statement on racist riot

21-11-2008 17:46

Riot police in the northern Czech town of Litvinov waged a bloody battle with far-right protesters trying to reach a Roma (Gypsy) suburb last Monday.
There is a need for greater solidarity across Europe to defend growing hostility towards the Roma population, particularly in Eastern Europe and Italy....