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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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SOCPA prosecution collapses in disarray

07-05-2009 22:20

The attempt to prosecute Milan Rai for participating in an unauthorized demonstration in the vicinity of Parliament failed today as the police and Crown Prosecution Service had failed to do their paperwork properly - within the time limits required.

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solidarity demo g20

07-05-2009 15:34

solidarity demo with the arrested in the g 20 URGENT

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Dawn raids against activists in relation to Gaza demos

07-05-2009 13:14

This morning, 15 people were arrested across London and possibly other parts of the country under the Terrorism Act, apparently in relation to the demonstrations in support of Gaza in January this year.

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Why the police riot? - part 11

06-05-2009 21:49

The TSG facilitating protest at Westminster Cathedral
The British police public order manual is a secret document establishing a paramilitary third force in the UK, under the control of a private company (ACPO) with permission from the home office. It's long overdue that more information about this was in the public domain.

This is part 11 of a series, for parts 1-10 see:

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NW // A positive critique of Smash EDO Brighton May Day

06-05-2009 18:04

A personal perspective of the Smash EDO May Day actions on 4th May 2009.

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Berlusconi's misterious teen speaks out. Full interview.

06-05-2009 16:22

This interview with mrs Noemi Letizia (18) has sparkled mr Berlusconi's wife reaction and her decision to divorce.

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Cleaning Barbara Follett's Windows

06-05-2009 12:40

So unless you've just come back from a far, far away land where politicians aren't self-serving careerists who line their own pockets with public money, you'll have heard about the latest slew of expenses scandals. One MP tried to claim for a Sauna, David Milliband wants a private jet and Baroness Uddin, a Labour peer appointed by Tony, has claimed about £100,000 in parliamentary expenses on a flat in Kent that neighbours say has been unoccupied and unfurnished for years.

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Report from Tamil 'free zone', Mullaitivu District

06-05-2009 11:20

Bomber aircrafts have resumed bombing raids since 4th May, 2009. This has increased the deaths and injuries manifold. This is an added atrocity apart from mayhem caused by artillery and canon fire.
Famine is widespread. People are not eating for several days. The fainting incidents are common. Many reach the stage of stupor. If not taken any action they reach coma stage and die.

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Free Hich! Day of Action: Thu 14th May

06-05-2009 10:24

Hicham Yezza
On Thu 14th May it will be exactly one year since the wrongful arrest of Hicham Yezza under the Terrorism Act. Hich was cleared of any involvement in terrorism but was immediately detained again for alleged immigration offences. The Home Office is still trying to deport Hich to Algeria. Please join us by taking whatever action you can on the anniversary of Hich’s arrest. We need to highlight the injustice and exert pressure for his release before it is too late.

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"State terror in Sri Lanka - a Tamil perspective" at Resonance 104.4 FM

06-05-2009 01:02

"State terror in Sri Lanka - a Tamil perspective". Listen to the programme at Resonance 104.4 FM (, Wednesday 6th of May at 20.00.

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NW // Brighton May Day Smash Edo Photos and McDonalds Video 4/5/09

06-05-2009 00:26

A bunch of photos and a video of the Smash EDO mayday protest in Brighton.

Sorry but the pics aren't in any particular order..

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Photos - FIT & EGT at smashEDO Mayday

05-05-2009 17:40

Photos of FIT & EGT at smashEDO Mayday

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SmashEDO Mayday! Mayday! Street Party 2009 (VIDEO)

05-05-2009 17:28

Video and Demo report from Smash EDO/ITT demo 4th May 2009.

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Manchester May Day Demo - Pictures

05-05-2009 11:32

Still not lovin' police
4th May Demo, No Borders and Anarchist Bloc

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Pictures of Cops on SmashEDO Street Party Demo

05-05-2009 10:57

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Street Party.
Solidarity. Militancy. Dynamism. Action. Diversity

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Mayday & police brutality march in Cambridge

04-05-2009 16:29

Looking at literature
A few people gathered for a march around market square in Cambridge to celebrate Mayday. After the rally some went to the police station to put down some flowers in memory of Ian Tomlinson -- murdered by the police at the G20.

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Anonymous provides tangible support for Blue Heart Campaign

04-05-2009 13:13

Anonymous is informing the public, and reporting suspected human trafficking to the government and to competent non-governmental organizations. In accordance with these activities, Anonymous has joined the UN Blue Heart Campaign against human trafficking. Labour violations in the Church of Scientology are being investigated by governments and NGOs, and lawsuits are under way.

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FIT Teams shut down in Brighton

04-05-2009 12:39

Reports have been received that FIT teams have been physically stopped from operating at the Shut ITT/EDO Mayday demo

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Brighton Mayday update

04-05-2009 09:36

Mounted police on the seafront - Madeira drive outisde Concorde.
London road pigged out - at Cowley Club front and back, and at convergence. 15 cops in all.
Cops in city centre talking photos outside McDonalds on Western Rd

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The Angola Three: Torture and Slavery in the US (in Spanish and English)

04-05-2009 02:32

left to right: Herman Wallace, Robert King, and Albert Woodfox
They were framed for murder after organizing a Black Panther Party prison chapter at the infamous Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Together, Herman Wallace, Robert King, and Albert Woodfox have spent more than 100 years in solitary confinement.