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UK Repression Newswire Archive

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3 young basques under european arretation

27-05-2004 13:12

3 young basques under european arrest. The 3 of Segi

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Rafah Action

26-05-2004 21:27

Massacre in Rafah - National Action on Friday 28th May

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Motion to enforce filed in Peltier's lawsuit against editor Paul DeMain

26-05-2004 16:13

In a lawsuit filed over one year ago, a motion to enforce a settlement agreement was filed today with the Eighth U.S. District Court of Claims in Minneapolis, Minnesota, between Native American activist and political prisoner Leonard Peltier and Paul DeMain, editor of News From Indian Country.

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FBI abducts artist, and seizes Art

26-05-2004 09:15

Feds Unable to Distinguish Art from Bioterrorism
Grieving Artist Denied Access to Deceased Wife's Body

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Big Brothers Little Brother

25-05-2004 17:19

Blunkett has announced that a company called PA Consulting Group
( )has signed a 2 year deal to help develop the national I.D. scheme, apparently they offered the most cost effective (cheap) deal.

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Solidarity with the basque political refugee Josu Lariz Iriondo

25-05-2004 17:18

The Asociación Diáspora Vasca, with members in more than 20 countries, addresses the general public and the Argentinian Government to alert them over the political significance of keeping Basque political refugee Josu Lariz Iriondo in a prison in Buenos Aires. 17 months ago, he was illegaly abducted from Uruguay which was his country of residence at the time.

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America's most enduring legacy to Iraqis

25-05-2004 16:59

The White House has announced (news, wire services) that the U.S. will pay to have Abu Ghraib prison demolished and replaced with a new maximum security prison, and in addition will construct an entire system of new state of the art prisons throughout Iraq.

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Ron Cobb Cartoons from 1968

25-05-2004 11:29

"Mah Fellow Americans..."
So, what's changed in 36 years...

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Torture, America's New World Order

25-05-2004 05:10

The pictures of tortures that hit the news, as bad as they are, do not reflect the depth and extent of the crimes perpetrated against the Iraqi prisoners. Rumsfeld himself admitted that. Torture against Iraqi detainees should simply be viewed as a continuation of the destruction of Iraqi society, murders, and crimes against Iraqi people. These pictures are not any worse than the pictures that show children’s body parts blown apart. What sets these pictures apart from other scenes of brutality is that they reveal to us a purposeful brutality being perpetrated by US functionaries. If murder of innocent civilians during the war and military confrontations can be portrayed as an accident, the torture of prisoners cannot.

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Giving details and carrying ID - new freeBEAGLES article

24-05-2004 18:37

freeB.E.A.G.L.E.S. have posted a new article: Giving Details and Carrying ID

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If you aren't doing anything wrong.....

24-05-2004 17:51

Firm chosen to develop ID cards.
A private company has been appointed to be the Home Office's "development partner" for the proposed national identity card scheme.

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Abu Ghraib Abuse Scandal gets worse

24-05-2004 16:38

click on the links below-

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September 11th video evidence of missile.

23-05-2004 21:12

New video evidence archived at the LA Times substantiates missile claim

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Angry police shove peaceful protestors

23-05-2004 01:29

The crowds gather on the road. Most people stood up till the police got to work.
When nearly 1000 pro-Palestinian activists gathered opposite Downing Street gates, little did they know that they would see a truly momentous attempt at a mass sitdown end with Police lifting and shoving demonstrators around. Even Jeremy Corbyn MP suffered perpetual pushing from police who were increasingly keen to move the barriers closer to the kurb.

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Nearly 3000 say "Stop the Torture"

22-05-2004 23:52

Theatre of War
With only 2 weeks notice, activists and friends gathered to take part in STWC's emergency Stop the Torture demonstration. A typical mid sized march, it ended with the inevitable rally in Trafalgar Sq.

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Rage against Sharon brings new life to Parliament Square

21-05-2004 23:24

After Brian Hawe's arrest, the square picks up again, this time with help from members of Palestine Solidarity Campaign and International Solidarity Movement. Numbers have varied from night to night, but Friday's was the lowest, with around 20 taking part.

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Police Officer stabbed in Birmingham

21-05-2004 23:19

What goes around....comes around.

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The Silencing of America: Americans Are Afraid of Bush’s Violent Regime

21-05-2004 17:16

American Police
George W. Bush is scaring Americans into silent complicity. Creating “no protest zones” patrolled by American police riot squads, aiming high-powered weaponry on unarmed American people TRYING to exercise free speech...this is not freedom.